Live Realtime Production

Often hard to achieve for trainers and moderator is, besides delivering their excellent process facilitation / moderation, the creation of visual content. Focussing on holding the process container and related perspectives most often disallows the simultaneous creation of flip charts, visual maps, moderation charts in high quality. Working with a Visual Facilitator helps – and you can offer it all to your client and participants: Focussed process facilitation and outstanding visual content forth process and to sustainably anchor the message even after the event.

Visualized Communication Flow

In organizations, communities and teams communication and its various flavors have to be well trained and learned. Besides practice the visual display of communication flows help to reach the learning targets.

Visual Project Process: Insight and Understanding

Creativity for projects, change management and processes:  When working with you in groups we make use of creativity to support the process and to show the invisible. Before and after a session we explain what has been visualized and connect it with the topics of the day as well as the overall project. The visual result is connected to far more than just the course of events, it serves as a visual synthesis that fosters clarity, insight and networking.

Visual Facilitation for Insights and Facilitation of Change

Visualize. Explain. Sell.

Show your product, even when it is an abstract service. Don’t just talk about it, let a relationship emerge. Use appealing images, symbols and a visual presentation.

Explain. Stories create information value, that will involve and attract your audience. Let clarity arise. Communicate on more than one level in order to reach everybody.

Sell your product or service. Images, stories and texts – media-adapted and fine-tuned for synchronicity take effect and help you to reach your future customers.

Live Graphic Recording

The voice of the visualizer: It is a true pleasure to document a conference, workshop or event visually, and to precisely deliver the large-scale visual right at the end of the event. Ready for further use in the organization, to hang it on the walls of the department and much more. The therefore necessary skills like excellent listening, distilling the insights and seeing a collective meta-view of the content are an inner joy and our conscious support of your success.

Developmental Stages

“Levels/stages” relate to the fact that everything develops in levels. As Source Integral wrote: “After 30 years of mostly Harvard-based research (e.g., Kegan, Cook-Greuter, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Piaget, Loevinger), there is strong academic consensus that the human mind organizes and develops in levels along predictably stable lines, levels and lines that can be measured. The mind develops toward greater complexity. At each level you are able to hold progressively more perspectives, able to solve more complex problems, and can visualize longer time horizons. These levels are not personality “types”; they are qualitative shifts in the complexity a mind can manage.”
Each level has different values and motivations. Each level – including your own – interprets given situations, businesses, problems, even reality through its own colored lens. Those levels/stages cannot be skipped. The related knowledge is based on the view, compilation and pattern recognition of more than 100 developmental psychological approaches of more than 100 researchers. People do not develop along a one-dimensional scale, just as the element “lines” points out: we all have multiple parallel intelligences and lines of development like cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, kinesthetic, ethical, spiritual, etc. The center of gravity of those lines/intelligences can be different when looking at different people, resulting in complex psychograms that should be reflected in our work and products.

At the occasion of conferences, projects and workshops, we frequently visualize developmental levels when an integral framework is foundation of the work. Some examples from the VisionLabs at the Celebrate Life Festival 2012:

Graphic Recording auf dem Ecomony & Consciousness VisionLab - Ausschnitt Entwicklungsstufen

Graphic Recording auf dem Ecomony & Consciousness VisionLab - Ausschnitt Spiral Dynamics

Information Architecture for Social Change Blog

A blog for a social transformation project has special requirements: It must deliver a well crafted integration of categories and additional metadata, show the complexity of the topic without scaring users away and feature sophisticated commenting functionalities. This succeeded for The Drop, blog of the social change project dropping knowledge. Through an integral lens The Drop featured even further abilities: It contributed to both cross-cultural and cross-meme communication.

About dropping knowledge: Founded in 2003 in San Francisco dropping knowledge’s goal is to catalyze global change. A large website facilitates communication between NGOs, activists and ambitious participants from every corner of the globe, catalysing potential action eventually. The completion of this website culminated in the Table of Free Voices in September 2006. It brought 112 people from culture, politics, science, art, music and literature from all over the globe together at the Bebelplatz in Berlin. There they gave answers to a selected hundred questions of relevance to life and society on Earth. The answers were videotaped, archived and made accessible to the global public via the website. Thus more than 100 perspectives on one and the same questions was made available as well as 100 answers to global issues of one of the participants. After the event dropping knowledge in Berlin evolved into Mindpirates, »a not-for-profit ‘anti-agency’, highjacking your imagination«.

Impressions of the Table of Free Voices, panoramic photograph by Reiner Pfisterer.
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