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Since 2005 we have delivered thousands of projects, and continue to do so with hundreds each year. We have worked in all industries and for almost all topics for startups and change makers, large corporations and SMBs, government and politics, culture and NGOs. Today we are an experienced team which currently will also expand globally. We are co-creators of much needed change and for the future – using visuals and graphic facilitation.

Change is complex. It is not graspable mentally and using words. And still we wish meaningful change that lasts: Vision and values that are being lived, and that involve people with heart, mind and creativity.

For most people values, strategies, vision or new processes are very abstract. They come to life when facilitated through a participatory process and when in visualized in color, form and stories: They start to work on mind, heart and soul. They start to become tangible, sense-able and are fun. And the future can be experienced before it happens.

This is complex, touching – sustainable. It is the highest art. It is what we should make use of when addressing the challenges ahead of us personally, in our organization and society.

This is what we stand for.

Among our clients are numerous organizations from DAX 30, Fortune 500 and medium enterprises, as well as NGOs and in culture.
This is the mission of our growing Team, in the German-speaking countries and also gobally expanding – and we love what we do. We have several points that make us special: Attention to detail from booking to post-event debriefing. And there is what clients say about us – which whom we love to build long, lasting and valuable relationships.

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Aareal Bank, Acatech, Adecco, Allianz, Alternus, Baiersdorf, BASF, BAYER, BearingPoint, Bertelsmann Stiftung, betterplace, Bosch, BMW, Broetje, Bühnen, Federal Chancellery, German Federal Government, Bundeswerkstatt, Bundeszentrale Polit. Bildung, Dt. Bahn, Deutsche Welle, DVCT e.V., Ernst & Young, European Business School, Evonik, FJORD, Fraport, Fraunhofer, Friedr. Ebert Stiftung, GIZ, HannoverRe, Heinr. Böll Stiftung, Hermes, HOLM, HSH Nordbank, KfW, IASS Potsdam, KarmaKonsum, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, KPMG, LSG Sky Chefs, Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik, OTTO, Pentax, Procter & Gamble, German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), Sennheiser, SIETAR, Swiss Economic Forum, Syngenta, Tchibo, TEDx Konferenzen, Telekom, T-Systems, 2bAhead Think Tank, Uni Ulm, Volkswagen, VolkswagenStiftung, Volvo, XING, ZF

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Die Visualisierung von Präsentationen, Vorträgen und Ergebnissen aus unseren Workshops war faszinierend und sehr anschaulich aufbereitet. Es hat dazu beigetragen, die daraus folgende Kommunikation nachvollziehbar zu gestalten.

Anja Stenger, Director Internal Communications & Change Management, Lufthansa Systems AG

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