We deliver tailor-made solutions. Do you need six graphic recorders in Berlin or one graphic facilitator in Dubai? We create a package for you out of targeted visualization services, fitting skill level from our team, relevant industry experience, for events of all kinds, sizes and locations.

We are visualization experts, visual thinker, facilitator and consultants. Or strong points are professionalism, creativity, understanding of business processes and focus on facilitation. And we love what we do.

Mathias Weitbrecht

Visual Facilitator, Graphic Recorder, Visual Strategy

Mathias Weitbrecht Portrait 2013 Photo by Tom Sólo

As a visual facilitator, graphic recorder and information architect it is my purpose to display complex information as understandable as possible – always with the human being in my focus. It is a related goal to also add value to the organizations and clients I work for. I am successful with my ability to structure complex correlations with simple means and to deliver stunning visual products – with a growing, experienced and more and more global team.
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Malte von Tiesenhausen

Graphic Recording, Illustration, Storyboard

I draw since I can hold a marker. I have studied communication design at Hamburg’s Design-Factory International and specialized in illustration under Chris Scheuer and Matthias Schultheiss. For Visual Facilitators and EXPLAINAS I sketch live as a graphic recorder and event scribe, I produce innovative explanatory videos and I hold workshops.

Various exhibitions and smaller publications, awarded the German Cartoon Price 2008, member of the German Illustration Association.


Sabine Soeder

Graphic Facilitation and Visual Strategy Consultancy

Sabine Soeder - Team Visual Facilitators - Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, Strategische Illustration

To see with clear intention what you are doing, to recognize and understand the processes and the patterns of the own work. “What is?” – “What is the „Bigger goal“?” – “How can we reach this?” With this kind of questions I invite the customers to co-create, as a flow-architect in the field of graphic facilitation and visual strategy consultancy.
The focused interaction of “Bigger Images” and innovative dialogue-processes (like World Café and Open Space) are guiding to results and next “work-steps”.
I’ve a big passion for people – to support them in their way to lead, to work together and to communicate. Together we co-create new processes based on the individual needs. So internal, mostly hidden potentials can emerge and sustainable, good results can get reached – in meetings, workshops and conferences – in your direct working-environment.

Till Lassmann

Strategic Visualization, Graphic Recording

thumb_Profil Till Lassmann

When communicating, we express thoughts, emotions and facts in words and engage in verbal dialogue with one another. If, in addition, we see what has been said as a visual statement, the message conveyed by our words is elevated to a new level. I have mastered the visual vocabulary: With the aid of my visuals, situations and facts are quickly and easily made visible and understandable. At the same time, graphic recording methods have a special fascination for observers. Seeing the words of those in the room visualized not only emphasises the message, but as well often the effect of enlarging perspectives.


Nicole Menke

Visual Facilitation, Strategic Intuition. Developing strategy, business and people.


As an expert for strategic intuition I support people that love pursuing a vision. Managers of all disciplines that want to see their strategic ventures/ projects flourish and thrive.I help you to develop a clear, future-flexible system of strategic options, structure a guiding foundation for decisions and create a coherent strategic story for rationalisation. On the other hand I focus on the people that have to deal with the strategy: Anchoring the strategy emotionally and establishing a fruitful dialogue for smooth, impactful interdisciplinary collaboration.The goal is to make better strategic decisions. Every day. Together with the visual facilitators we can influence strategic thinking/ acting even deeper and we create a new perception and purpose. Sustainably.

More soon: In the German-speaking countries we will be on present in the North, Middle, South, East and Berlin as well as Switzerland; and able to work gobally through a strong partner network.

Daniela Volkert

Client and Team Coordination


As a Psychologist of Communication I support the team in internal/ external communication, organisation, quotes and project management:

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