Mathias Weitbrecht

Mathias Weitbrecht Portrait 2013 Photo by Tom SóloI am a visualization expert. It is my mission to help facilitate change in our world and to support existing potential. I see my activity as a contribution to adding value to both society and client business, and doing this I overlook large timespans and enjoy creative glimpses into the future and trends. I integrate innovative approaches in a way that they can be involved targes-group-specific compatibly.

When visualizing, especially my following abilites contribute to it: Listening well, handling big amounts of information, my creativity, recognition of pattern, building perspectives, and taking meta perspectives. What characterizes me is that I integrate visualization into existing processes as well as long-term thinking.

As an information architect, business designer and visual facilitator it is my task to display complex information as simply as possible – always with a people focus. As people are both creator and consumer of information, it is my responsibility to be in posession of knowledge and understanding of a business and its goals; as well as being familiar with human communcation and perception psychology. A big goal in my work process is to add to value creation of businesses and clients I work with. To ensure this my work integrates the understanding of multiple perspectives, of any content involved, effective team work and communication, and outstanding creativity.

I thus support training and consulting businesses, agencies and digital media projects in a future-oriented way. I am capable of merging the dimension of human potential with the tech domain, and both are important to me. In order to accomplish this I combine my creative, visual strengths with my business administration education and my high interest for personal development. I am successful in my ability to communicate complex matter with simple tools and to deliver impressive visual products.

The “aha” effect and “wow” when seeing my work is a personal joy to me each and every time. I open the eyes of those I work with and thus open new possibilites: They receive supportive tools for their activity and attain new, exciting results through the application of visual deliverables.

I am author of the German book “Co-Create” Das Visualisierung-Buch”, published by Wiley Publ. See for more information.

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