Sabine Soeder

Sabine Soeder - Team Visual Facilitators - Graphic Facilitation, Strategic Illustration, Consulting

To see with clear intention what you are doing, to recognize and understand the processes and the patterns of the own work. “What is?” – “What is the ‘Bigger goal’?” – “How can we reach this?” With this kind of questions I invite the customers to co-create, as a flow-architect in the field of graphic facilitation and visual strategy consultancy.
The focused interaction of “Bigger Images” and innovative dialogue-processes (like World Café and Open Space) are guiding to results and next “work-steps”.

I’ve a big passion for people – to support them in their way to lead, to work together and to communicate. Together we co-create new processes based on the individual needs. So internal, mostly hidden potentials can emerge and sustainable, good results can get reached – in meetings, workshops and conferences – in your direct working-environment.

Recent interview on the European Commission Blog: “Be open, flexible and ready to act in the now” (Dec. 22, 2016)

Work Examples

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