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Graphic Recording Live Visualisierung und Dokumentation - Konferenzzeichner
Each year we create and deliver hundreds of Graphic Recording visuals, and thus are the market leader in the German-speaking countries. We work at events of all kinds, all sizes and around the globe. For your own event, we will select a visualization expert fitting your industry, with the necessary experience, in good proximity and with the purpose to contribute to your success.

Graphic Recording is the documentation of a speaker’s or group’s content with the purpose of facilitating shared understanding, insight and learning – using a large wall sized or digital chart. Your conference or meeting will be (usually live in real time) visualized, in order to create a useful documentation for participants and/or the public: Visual minute-taking with a spot landing right at the end of your event.

Graphic Recording live Eventdokumentation visuell - Malte von TiesenhausenA Graphic Recorder is a silent partner to your moderator, event manager or a facilitator. He supports his work via words and images documented in real time. Various topics and contents can be linked with each other and perspectives be shown for all stakeholders. The process itself remains discrete and there is no need to make changes to your event design. The large-scale wall paintings and posters contribute a valuable “real-time effect” for your event. Any insight and gain of perspectives is secured for the corporation in the actual physical image, lives on in the company and can be used far beyond the actual event.

Graphic Recording is a discipline that originated approx. 40 years ago on the US West coast. It is thus a young discipline that belongs to the larger context of “visualization” (and not to illustration or the creative domain). Graphic Recording was created primarily to improve meetings, encourage collaboration, generate insight and support group processes. We at Visual Facilitators are the largest team of visualisation facilitators and graphic recorders and the market leader in Germany. We fully stand behind this origin, attitude and intention of Graphic Recording. Additionally we actively train illustrators that wish to become good graphic recorders and facilitators. With this we are able to offer a unique mix: Graphic Recording in its original quality plus added value by illustration.

Working in a team of several graphic recorders during a conference - Visual Facilitators

Working in a team of several graphic recorders during a conference

In visualization the following skills help us to be successful: Excellent listening, processing large bodies of information, creativity, pattern recognition and taking meta-perspectives. Our work stands out through the skillful integration of visualization into existing processes as well as my long-term thinking.

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Video with some graphic recording impressions during events

Several visuals in line with results from group work during a conference

After an event: Several visuals in line with results from group work during a conference

„Whoever wishes to leave a quick and lasting impressing will use imagery”
[Otto Neurath]



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Aareal Bank, Acatech, Adecco, Allianz, Alternus, Baiersdorf, BASF, BAYER, BearingPoint, Bertelsmann Stiftung, betterplace, Bosch, BMW, Broetje, Bühnen, Federal Chancellery, German Federal Government, Bundesministerium des Inneren, Bundeswerkstatt, Bundeszentrale Polit. Bildung, Dt. Bahn, Deutsche Welle, DVCT e.V., Ernst & Young, Europcar, European Business School, Evonik, FedEx, Freudenberg, FJORD, Fraport, Fraunhofer, Friedr. Ebert Stiftung, GIZ, HannoverRe, Heinr. Böll Stiftung, Hermes, Hochschule Ansbach, HOLM, HSH Nordbank, KfW, IASS Potsdam, KarmaKonsum, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, KPMG, Leoni, LSG Sky Chefs, Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik, Nestlé, OTTO, Pentax, Procter & Gamble, German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), Sennheiser, SIETAR, Swiss Economic Forum, Syngenta, Tchibo, TEDx Konferenzen, Telekom, T-Systems, 2bAhead Think Tank, Uni Ulm, Volkswagen, VolkswagenStiftung, Volvo, White & Case, XING, ZF

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„Durch Ihre Graphic Recordings und Visualisierungen werden kurz und prägnant die wichtigsten Inhalte treffend zusammengefasst. Die bildlichen Dokumentationen sind sowohl unterhaltsam als auch einprägsam. Bei uns und unseren Partnerunternehmen kam das sehr gut an. Auf Keilrahmen haben wir sie als Give-aways oder ‘Danke schön’ an unsere Partner weitergegeben.”

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