Additional Visualization Services

Weitere Visualisierungarten von Visual Facilitators: Prozessvisualisierung, Erklärfilme, Facilitation
We are not primarily paid for sketching and drawing. Our core service is to present your content, concepts, processes and strategies in a simple and appealing way. To the point and in its essence, reducing and thereby bringing forth clarity, displaying the abstract in images and bringing it to life – and thus support you, your communication, your projects and your success.

Just like our other work the follwing services work that way, and deliver especially in today’s fast paced, complex ad demanding world:

Process and Knowledge Visualization

Processes and change visually displayed – in charts, learning maps and info graphics. Dive into a new depth!

Transformative Facilitation

How we connect visual expertise and faciltiation methods in a new way in order to generate transformation in systems. Feel the effect!

Hand-sketched Explanatory Videos

Our EXPLAINAS explanatory films are very successful. Why? Because we deliver a truly tailor-made premium product. See for yourself!

Event Illustration / Snapshot Sketches

Social events in business, culture and politics drawn in entertaining ways. Capture this very moment!

Learning to Visualize: Training and Events

Learning to doodle: Basics, advanced, special applications. An update for the “operating system” of your organization!



Selected Clients

Aareal Bank, Acatech, Adecco, Allianz, Alternus, Baiersdorf, BASF, BAYER, BearingPoint, Bertelsmann Stiftung, betterplace, Bosch, BMW, Broetje, Bühnen, Federal Chancellery, German Federal Government, Bundeswerkstatt, Bundeszentrale Polit. Bildung, Dt. Bahn, Deutsche Welle, DVCT e.V., Ernst & Young, European Business School, Evonik, FJORD, Fraport, Fraunhofer, Friedr. Ebert Stiftung, GIZ, HannoverRe, Heinr. Böll Stiftung, Hermes, HOLM, HSH Nordbank, KfW, IASS Potsdam, KarmaKonsum, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, KPMG, LSG Sky Chefs, Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik, OTTO, Pentax, Procter & Gamble, German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), Sennheiser, SIETAR, Swiss Economic Forum, Syngenta, Tchibo, TEDx Konferenzen, Telekom, T-Systems, 2bAhead Think Tank, Uni Ulm, Volkswagen, VolkswagenStiftung, Volvo, XING, ZF

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„Mathias Weitbrecht versteht es hervorragend, komplexe Prozesse und abstrakte Ideen in anschauliche Bilder zu übersetzen. Seine Visualisierungen sind in Beratungsprojekten eine wertvolle Hilfe, um den Betroffenen anschaulich zu machen, ‘worum es geht’.”

Wernfried Hübschmann, iNavigare

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