Event and Snapshot Drawing

A Premium Plus for your Event

Equipped with some light equipment our visualizer moves through your event in a discrete way. Similarly to a photographer he catches all core and those special small moments as quick, individual sketches, created in real-time in the situation, caught on paper. It is emphasizing especially that very personal, emotional moment.
In full action during some event illustration / Snapshot drawings live during an event
In such a way, incidentally and without any effort, unique memories arise. They can be distributed on separate sheets for surprised guests or aggregated in one album. Of course and on request we can also create digital copies.

  • Areas of use (private) during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc… or in business on trade shows, fairs, award ceremonies, in workshops, on meetings and conventions…
  • Create unique, personalized give-aways, connect to your clients and create enthusiasm for partners.
  • You can logo-brand single sheets with the CI / Claim of your business or event.

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