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FAQ about our Graphic Recording, Facilitation and Visualization Services

Find answers to your questions about Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation and our work. If we didn’t cover your question, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone +49-40-63607889 or Email at

1. What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is the process of using hand-sketched images and text to visualize conferences, meetings or workshops in real time. Typically, we visualize on large sheets of paper mounted on fixed or moving walls so that everybody can follow the process. Because of the combination of images and text, Graphic Recording addresses your mind as well as your heart. During our work, we take a meta-perspective to cover the overall context as well as all different points of view. This increases understanding of complex connections, productivity and creativity. It also helps to remember all important aspects of the conversation. Graphic Recording happens in real-time live during your event.

Just take a look at our portfolio to get some impressions of our visualization work.

2. What is the difference between Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation?

Graphic Recording means documenting, it is a visual record of a conversation, a process, an event or a conference in real time.

Visual Facilitation however is a combination of Graphic Recording and Facilitation which means to interactively assist leading the group towards its goals. It is suitable for idea sessions, brainstorming, szenario building, understanding complexity and everything interactive with group or audience.

3. How does the process of Graphic Recording work?

First of all, we put special emphasis on preparation. We are known for careful preparatory work, and plugging in visualization into processes and communication running within your organization. In this phase we ask about your goals. During the live event we usually are in your conference, meeting or workshop room as a silent companion, visualizing and writing all you are talking about. Your event proceeds as planned, and there is no need to change your agenda. The final product is ready when you speak the last words at the end of the meeting. At this moment, on demand, we can present the big picture.

5. Which materials are necessary and what kind of preparation do I have to take care of?

A preparatory meeting is run by phone to clarify content and logistics. On site, all you need to provide is a fixed or some moving walls as working surface, as well as a bar table. We also talk about your concerns and we will tell you if you need to prepare anything. Usually, we need one hour before event start to prepare our material in the room. All materials are included in our fees and we bring everything we use with us.

6. What happens to the graphic after our session?

The graphics will be yours after our session. You get the originals as well as digitized photos we take of them. You will have all rights so feel free to use them for your internal or external communication. Included in our fees is a debrief session by phone and a consultation about how to sustainably use the picture(s) after the actual event in order to further support your goals.

7. In which countries do you offer your services?

We are based in Hamburg, Germany and available for work internationally. We have a rich network of premium visual experts all over Germany and the world. Our global travel experience covers some 60 countries.

8. What do your fees include?

Our fees include all preparatory work and research, our time together during your event and post-processing. Your project’s cost all depends on the scope of your project. Charges like travel costs and accommodation are not included. Let’s talk about and we can give you concrete information.

9. Whom do you work for?

We work for leadership, project managers, change makers, event managers, moderators and speakers, social entrepreneurs, agencies and publishers.
Industries cover automotive, consumer, air travel, financial, NGOs and government.
Event types include internal meetings, strategy sessions, leadership and board meetings, internal or public speaking events, conferences, world cafés etc.

10. What other services do you offer?

Besides Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation we also offer process visualization, knowledge visualization, strategic illustration and hand-sketched explanatory videos – all of them with a solid track record and client list.

11. I would like to book you. How can I know that we fit together?

Schedule a discovery call today: Let’s talk about your project and goals, about what you and your group need and how we can support you. Especially if this is your first implementation of visualization, we take you by the hand, prepare and guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Download our most recent illustrated brochure (currently only in German): Visual Facilitators Profile (PDF, 5 MB)

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