Hand-sketched Explanatory Videos

Today’s world and its many change and communication projects demand the use of visual means. Thus, content can quickly make its way to a recipient – and surely video as media cannot be ignored here.

Our EXPLAINAS videos are hand-sketched and animated, word by word fitting to your story. Such videos are suitable to explain complex issues, present products and tie in an audience – with a constant interplay of story (via a professional speaker’s voice) and moving images (hand-sketched matching the story).

Please visit www.explainas.com

In order to create such videos, EXPLAINAS has developed a special workflow that is very quick and lean. Advantages are speed, focus on content instead of technology as well as the ability to easily implement client change requests. And: all films are totally custom-made to your needs.

We have a good and long track record working for many industries, agencies, consulting companies etc. in discretion and using high standards. EXPLAINAS sees itself as a premium service provider and delivers the high quality that your communication requirements need.

Example in German that speaks about the EXPLAINAS film benefits

EXPLAINAS – powered by Visual Facilitators.

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