Learn Visualization: Training and Events

Adding Value the Visual Way – And a New Way to Work

Currently visualization trainings are offered occasionally (open as well as in-house in your organization). They are tailor-made for your needs and any pre-existing skill level. Very consciously we encourage many styles and support these without demanding to develop a pre-defined style – while showing you what works, what is simple and worth repeating.


  • I bring to life my content, message and topics in a visual way.
  • I connect to others via images in a quick, interactive, holistic and sustainable way.
  • I am able to use basic forms and picture-word combinations.
  • I listen and am able to use the imagery in language, metaphors and symbols in my visualization.
  • I know how to use techniques and material and how to use it in a corporate setting the best way.
  • I have fun and I trust myself in sketching and drawing.

Training, training, perceiving, wondering and enjoying. Music, movement and perception exercises stimulate intuition. Short theory modules add some background.

  • Why work visually? Added value and contribution.
  • Shifting my thinking Part 1: “Everybody can express himself visually”.
  • Simple exercises Part 1.
  • Application Part 1: Where and when do I use visuals in the organization? What to watch out for?
  • Excercises Part 2: Getting to know material and techniques.
  • Simple forms and imagery, writing.
  • Shifting my thinking and learning Part 2: “I listen to images in our languages, I recognize symbols”.
  • Excercises Part 3: Symbols – my visual vocabulary.
  • Application Part 2: My personal symbols, my picture library, templates, how to archive and document.
  • Outlook: My first 100 days of visual work.
  • Closure: Shared creation of a large wall poster, presentation, visual closure ritual.

Optional modules according to your needs, for example:

  • Follow-up and post-training session (2-3 hours approx. 10 days later)
  • Finding you own personal visual style for your organization or project. Creating your own language and rolling it out in the organization.
  • Team and event tools.
  • Making visual value measurable.

Suggestion / optional: At closure every participant receives his very own “Visual Facilitation Kit” for further use right after the training.

Booking and Investment:

Informationen on schedule and prices on request. Available as group Workshop, in-house training and individual coaching days. New scheduled events are announced here and via newsletter.



In Preparation:

Advanced trainings, special skill trainings, etc. Expect to be surprised!

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