Transformative Facilitation

The Art of Change

Integral Facilitation - Live-Visualisierung bei integraler Konferenz / Live Visualization at integral conferenceThe international transformation and systemic MIT scientist Otto Scharmer says: The crisis of our times is not one of finance or economy, it is one of consciousness – thus our thinking and view on the world.
This process needs facilitation and visualization. That is what we stand for.

The Designers of Change

Currently thousands of facilitators, consultants, change workers and future designers work and grow around the globe in the mission of change. Any of the many current global crises has developed its own discourse, its own NGOs, conferences and agenda. Many of such experts have improved their skills, and technology, new maps of knowledge etc. allow quick access to data. For us revealing chances, potential and change is included in this – through visualization – and we thereby closely collaborate with facilitators. And there is a need of creating an interplay of skills, disciplines and teams.

Transformational Visual Facilitation for Solutions
on Higher Levels

We in the visualizing community currently are in high demand from enterprises, corporations, and leading events. On the same level as that demand lies our our beautiful chance to work in close union with a transformative process design and a team that together thinks more wide and sees more. We are the interactive designers of perspectives, views and attitudes that are in a need to be integrated – in order to open the space for solutions on a higher, more appropriate level. This is now we see ourselves and this is one of our contributions in the world.
Some visualization tools, like process and knowledge visualization, are also suitable for the so-called “wicked problems”, where normal problem solving processes risk to fail or fail. Many social, political and global problems are of that nature.

<A Graphic Recording detail of "We Create Future" conference - icebergIn this sense visual facilitators are also ice seekers in the polar sea. By displaying and revealing as much as possible of what lies under the water surface, we contribute to a better approach. At the same time it is important to include “not-knowing”, to allow and consciously invite it.

Only then everything is involved, the visible and the invisible.

Only then we invite complexity to a dance.

Only then we step into new territory.

This is what we are inviting to.

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