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A Quick Strategic Contribution in Existing Structures

Strategische Illustration - strategische Visualisierung - strategic illustration - strategic visualization
In the last couple of years we have created many hundred illustrations for strategic work in organizations. Besides handwork we offer digitally crafted strategic illustration that – without any inhibition thresholds, without too much new – are directly able to be implemented in existing workflows and corporate structures.

strategische-illustrtation_beispiel_teamrollen_ev_rmvtStrategic Illustration is about sophisticated visual support for organizational processes, strategies and projects – usually directly connected to existing media and communication (like Powerpoint, PDF, an Intranet etc). This kind of visualization requires strategic thinking skills and a solid understanding of content and expected outcomes from the visual facilitator.

strategische-illustration_beispiel_werte-kundentreue_rmvtVery often this is about digitally created graphics created on the computer. They are set up in high resolution for high end print quality and further use. Outcomes are clip-arts and small graphics, that illustrate presentations and processes, wall posters with processes or visual project plans, as well of course lots of other business charts. This is also suitable to facilitate longer projects.

strategische-illustrtation_finish07_rmvtSuch non-handwork visualization services can later on, after its completion, very well support live/realtime facilitation and processes: Strategic illustration complements Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation. For us this also means that a multitude of our core competencies are in demand, like listening, observing, creating connection and visual thinking, in order to let clarity arise about complex correlations and strategies.

Download our most recent illustrated brochure (currently only in German):
Visual Facilitators Profile (PDF, 5 MB)

The following videos (in German) document a yearlong strategy project in which strategic illustration was applied for project plans, visual facilitation and a visual mission development.

The second video features Prof. Gerald Hüther in front of some of the visualizations that have been created for this project.



Selected Clients

Aareal Bank, Acatech, Adecco, Allianz, Alternus, Baiersdorf, BASF, BAYER, BearingPoint, Bertelsmann Stiftung, betterplace, Bosch, BMW, Broetje, Bühnen, Bundeskanzleramt, Bundesministerium des Inneren, Bundesregierung, Bundeswerkstatt, Bundeszentrale Polit. Bildung, Dt. Bahn, Deutsche Welle, DVCT e.V., Ernst & Young, Europcar, European Business School, Evonik, FedEx, FJORD, Fraport, Fraunhofer, Freudenberg, Friedr. Ebert Stiftung, GIZ, HannoverRe, Heinr. Böll Stiftung, Hermes, Hochschule Ansbach, HOLM, HSH Nordbank, KfW, IASS Potsdam, KarmaKonsum, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, KPMG, Leoni, LSG Sky Chefs, Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik, Nestlé, OTTO, Pentax, Procter & Gamble, Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Sennheiser, SIETAR, Swiss Economic Forum, Syngenta, Tchibo, TEDx Konferenzen, Telekom, T-Systems, 2bAhead Think Tank, Uni Ulm, Volkswagen, VolkswagenStiftung, Volvo, White & Case, XING, ZF

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„Mathias Weitbrecht versteht es hervorragend, komplexe Prozesse und abstrakte Ideen in anschauliche Bilder zu übersetzen. Seine Visualisierungen sind in Beratungsprojekten eine wertvolle Hilfe, um den Betroffenen anschaulich zu machen, ‘worum es geht’.”

Wernfried Hübschmann, iNavigare

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