33 outstanding reasons

to work with Visual Facilitators

Out of the box!

We listen carefully. And when it makes sense, we surprise you with ideas you haven't even thought of yet.
What is your challenge?

We also say "no" sometimes.

Disagreeing takes courage and is uncomfortable anyway. But if the success of your project requires it, we also say no sometimes and show you how to do it better.
What is your challenge?

Straightforward and practical.

Our team members are not theoreticians, but draw on decades of experience. For you, this means: tangible input and secure project management.
What is your challenge?

Customer-oriented action.

In a professional process we find exactly the solutions that fit your order with the highest discretion.
What solution do you currently need?

It goes faster sometimes.

You need results especially fast? Then we'll find a way for you to step on the gas significantly more.
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Easy to reach.

We are there for you when you need support. And on all channels, from personal conversations to What's App messages.
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Wir sind empathisch.

We don't work with technical idiots, but professionals with a wide range of interests who have learned to put themselves in your shoes. We want to understand you so that you achieve the best possible result.
We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Let our enthusiasm infect you.

What we do, we do with pleasure. And that is not only contagious, but it also has a very productive effect on your project. Let yourself be carried away!
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Fun is always a part of it for us.

Fun is not an end in itself, but the basic condition for meeting challenges with high mental agility. That is why we always ensure an atmosphere that promotes the joy of working together.
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We love interactions.

Talk to us. We love the exchange, because we know that 1+1 make at least 3. Your experiences contribute significantly to the success of the project. That is exactly why we seek intensive dialogue with you.
We are interested in your challenge.

Always up to date.

Through continuous training, we are always able to offer you the latest tools and methods. This means that you have access to a team with which you can optimally implement your project the day after tomorrow.
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Positive Mindset

We see opportunities instead of obstacles. This enables us to provide you with the best possible support. After all, for us the glass is always half full.
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With us you get tailor-made suits.

We do not offer "off the peg" solutions. Because every order has different requirements. That's why we tailor every aspect of your project to your individual challenge.
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Strong network.

We work in a network of experienced professionals, so that you can draw not only on the expertise of individuals, but on the knowledge of many experts.
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Long-term partnership.

We are happy about every completed order. Above all, however, we see it as the beginning of a wonderful and, above all, long-term customer relationship.
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With us, everyone does what they want.

And that means: Each team member works in his or her individual "area of strength". This not only increases motivation, but also gives you the security that you will get significantly more than average.
Take advantage of our strength!

We are where you are.

Our team operates worldwide, so we can always support you where it will help you the most.
What is your challenge?

We grow with you.

We are a healthy, growing company. This means that, with us, you will continue to have a partner at your side in the future who is "up to" your requirements.
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Strong brand.

We provide the largest team in Germany and Europe. Therefore, we are able to implement even the largest projects for you. Both geographically and in terms of team strength.
Take advantage of our strength!

We work transparently.

Wir arbeiten nicht mit versteckten Kosten, wir reden Klartext. D.h. Sie bekommen vor jedem Projekt klar die Kosten genannt und wir zeigen Ihnen während des Projektes, wo Sie kostenseitig stehen. So haben sie immer eine gute Planungsgrundlage.
Let's plan!

We get in deep.

We not only ask what you need, but also question what you say. And if we notice that you need something else, we advise you for the better.
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We cultivate the antiroutine.

With us, you don't get standard processes. Because we are very self-critical and think intensively about what we can do differently and, above all, better.
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We were not born yesterday, but we have been around for a long time.

We have been on the market for more than 15 years, and in some cases we have customers who have remained loyal to us since our founding. Why is that? Because we have always worked according to the methods of tomorrow.
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With us you go short distances.

After placing the order, you immediately speak with the professional who will also implement your project. This not only saves you nerves, but also time and travel.
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Before the job is after the job.

We will also provide you with comprehensive support after the project. We are not only there to answer your questions, but also provide you with the relevant materials from photo logs to feedback sheets.
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Communication on eye level.

Team players instead of service providers: Each member of our team is at your side without technical jargon and advises you from the first steps to the completion of your project. To ensure that this works, you can rely on clear contact persons.
Let's take the next step together!

We are future-oriented in every respect.

We not only work on our own further development, but also think outside the box for you. Where do your opportunities lie? What can we recommend to you? To make this work, we rely on a wide range of know-how and a large number of experienced team members.
We will be happy to advise you!

We are flexible and willing to change.

Permanent change is the sign of our times. Unforeseen changes are now part of everyday life. With us, you have a partner at your side who is flexible when it matters.
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Convincing references.

We have been inspiring our customers for more than 15 years. Talk to us about references or visit our website. We would also be happy to arrange a personal telephone conversation with you.
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You benefit from our experience.

Lange vor vielen anderen Anbietern begannen wir 2005. So kennen wir nahezu jede Fußangel. Nutzen Sie unsere Erfahrung und profitieren Sie von den Fehlern, die wir für Sie gemacht haben. Das spart Zeit und Geld.
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We are inexpensive, but not cheap.

What we offer you has its price. In return, you receive tangible services that not only help you get ahead, but also significantly exceed the costs. And that is an investment that is worthwhile for you in any case.
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Know-how from all sectors.

We represent the knowledge from countless projects in a wide variety of industries. Benefit from the intensive essence of this experience.
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We will keep you up to date.

We know what works and what doesn't. To this end, we not only keep ourselves permanently informed in international specialist circles, but also pass on this knowledge to our employees. So that you can learn about it regularly and ultimately benefit from it, we keep you up to date. Through newsletters and even better: personal discussions.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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