Brechtje Hendriks – Team Visual Facilitators

Graphic Recording, Strategic Visualization, Facilitation, Training

Brechtje Hendriks Team Visual Facilitators

Clients describe me as a colorful, joyful, creative and warm personality. Having Dutch roots and plenty of international experience, I aim to encounter all people in a direct and unprejudiced way. Together with you I try to “reach the core”, address important topics and record those visually. I love the dynamics and flow that thereby happens – something that makes every conference unique and special. I am happy to support you in four languages (Englisch, German, Spanish and Dutch) as Graphic Recorder, Visualizer, Facilitator, Moderator and Coach.

Graphic Recording & Visualization: Recording key messages live is a real passion. It enables me to combine my excitement for art with my experience in business. The love for arts developed at a very early stage and has been a continuous companion ever since – it brought me to a talent programme at the academy of arts and I have been doing exhibitions as an artist. Simultaneously, I have a 15-years track-record in business (Marketing, Strategy and HR) at two DAX companies. Combining these two – love for arts and experience in business – allowed me to help many clients seeing their challenges in a new perspective and facing them with more clarity.

Facilitation, Moderation & Coaching: With empathy, attentiveness and creativity I facilitate your conferences, workshops and group-processes. A facilitative approach and the conviction that changes come from within the system, are central. With the right methods and questions the crucial points can be addressed, providing a maximum of value to you. I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person and support you wherever you have a need.

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