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The Visual Facilitators

Christian Rath – Team Visual Facilitators

Change Facilitation, Visual Facilitation, Zukunftskompetenz

Listening, recognizing connections – simple or complex – and creating meaningful and informative visual compositions from these. This is where my almost 20 years of experience as a consultant, coach and facilitator for various companies, organizations and prominent individuals comes into play.  Just the visualization alone changes things, sometimes the perspective, the entire subject or at times an important detail, both in the case of strategic themes, and specialist themes or live@work with teams, in lectures and in complex projects. First the image pulls one in, makes me speechless, a sort of creative pause for insight in order to then find my words for the complexity with a sense of certainty.

Den größten Teil unserer Arbeit zeigen wir aus Vertraulichkeitsgründen nicht. Wenn wir etwas zeigen können, dann sind dies hier und in unserer Galerie oft Ausschnitte / Details statt ganze Bilder.
Wir bitten um Verständnis.