Franziska Schwarz - Team Visual Facilitators

I experience the world by preserving it in my notebooks and sketchbooks. What started once as visual note taking during my masters in nutritional sciences kept up with me during teaching at the university and in the daily survival of finding my way through to much information. Now being a graphic recorder i help others finding their way as well by creating visual guidance through a world of information, some essential some needless. But how do we know what is what? Well that is exactly what I am here for. Everything that is said during an event will be filtered by me in a short amount of time, before i put the essentials back on paper or in a digital drawing.

I create structure, reveal processes or document highlights linear to an event. Never really knowing what will be said, how to perfectly plan my space and create the bigger picture is my challenge and joy every time. Abstract topics are translated by me into images your mind can grab, sometimes humorous those scenes invite your curiosity and interest to stay and explore them further. One thing i care most about is to visualize complex topics correctly. Finding just the right level of abstraction for a fact to still be correct and the most fascinating at the same time, that is my job!

Scientific, medical and technical context is my field of expertise. Finding the right images for Linear documentary formats, visualisation of prodesse or creating infographics for my clients is my purpose in this job.

Examples below: We are not able to show a majority of our work for confidentiality reasons. When we have permission to show something, then we often do not show the entire visual, but details. See as well our gallery. We appreciate your understanding.

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