Katrin Faensen – Team Visual Facilitators

Change Facilitation, Visual Facilitation, Graphic Recording

Qualitätssiegel Graphic Recording

My strengths lie in my ability to listen closely for content relevant to the client and my moderation with support of visualizations which emerge (Visual Facilitation). Process design, workshop design, moderation and consulting in preparation before an event are services which I gladly provide – on their own, or together with visualization. Gathering and presenting the essential – for me, Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation are a tool to bring people, teams, and organizations closer to their individual thoughts, images, solutions, and even questions. Often the written or printed word loses the clarity or simplicity of acquired results. The emerging image records the mood, the thoughts and the depth of the discussions and the collaborative work and allows participants who see it to experience the situation again. In addition, the simultaneous nature of the visualization is a mirror for the participation of individuals, making them more aware of the process itself and the essential. It is not the case that words are spoken and forgotten just as soon as the sound drifts away.

Something remains that we can recognize as a form of embodiment. The shared experiences a new, different, creative kind of expression and becomes visible. Then it is possible to continue working with the result in a way that did not exist before. For me, this mirror which brings us to awareness has become a central element to change and innovation processes.

As a social therapist, I have learned to listen for the essential, without bias, and as the daughter of a painter I have felt comfortable with implementing creative designs since I was a child. I greatly enjoy being able to use these abilities in the service of change processes, to encourage liveliness and deliver results, which contribute to a common good.

We are not able to show a majority of our work for reasons of confidentiality. When we have permission to show something, then we often do not show the entire visual, but details. See as well our Gallery. We appreciate your understanding.