Maren Hamel – Team Visual Facilitators

Internal Services, Corporate Communications, Graphic Recording

Qualitätssiegel Graphic Recording

The core question „Why?” is what guides us. It should interest the entire world. As it stands at every beginning, plays a big role in every process and finds itself in every ending – in life, as in work. We ask ourselves, and our clients this question on a regular basis. This is moving, and not just for us.

As part of the large, visionary human power of Visual Facilitators, I am responsible for the realistic implementation of our vision in everyday communication within the company. I manage the constantly changing processes of a growing system with its common purpose in our office in Hamburg. In my view, communication and its visual direction plays a significantly important role to this means. As a trained designer, I love the many creative possibilities that are possible in the development of a project.

With my many years of experience, I take into account both the professional and human environment and connect these with the knowledge and abilities of all those involved in order to elicit and facilitate change.

As a certified Business Coach I have the ability to give others their space. With clients, I co-create whole worlds and brands with attention to their own impact within a particular system. A consistently positive attitude, alongside with flexibility and openness are what distinguishes me. In addition, the view for a bigger picture is a strength of mine. The desire to create „New” shapes my creative thinking and my motivating way of being, to think of entirely new paths, to go in these directions, and to make established paths full of life again. The paths that we always walk, embed themselves in us. Repetition remains in our minds.

I use all of these abilities in our organization. When doing graphic recording they enable me to listen in an unbiased manner and to bring words and processes to visual life.

We are not able to show a majority of our work for reasons of confidentiality. When we have permission to show something, then we often do not show the entire visual, but details. See as well our Gallery. We appreciate your understanding.