What We Stand For

Untapped Solutions for a New World.


We have been active in a rapidly growing field of activity since 2005. For this reason, we are considered to be one of the pioneers and international market leaders of this field. Each and every year we accumulate new experience, which we can show through our track record of hundreds of projects per year We offer an unrivaled, professional range of services together with a broad skill set. Come and benefit from this yourself!


For us, co-creation is taking action collaboratively based on a higher level of consciousness. Its purpose is to network projects, disciplines and action together in such a way that solutions arise on a higher order. Doing this we integrate that which is already in place, open ourselves to what is new and unforeseeable, and ensure timely manifestation in small steps. We experience collaboration as a process of really working together, which we share amongst ourselves and with our clients.


Through our central office we are always able to offer you a fitting solution: The right team member, with the right experience for your individual needs. Thanks to our internal workflows and the size of our team, we can meet your particular wishes quickly. With this high measure of matchmaking, we offer you a quality of client and team coordination which has grown over the years.


We are able to integrate many parallel-existing perspectives. We have the ability to perceive the fine, detail-rich, and subtle. These are unique elements of a foundation which allows for true transformation. With us, dive deep into processes. With our help, skillfully reduce complexity. Or create spaces for learning and change with us. We have a broad range of experience which is unparalleled and a state-of-the-art level of covered topics. Our creativity is alive, maintained and permeated by consciousness and awareness. We stand for quality and variety and are able to provide a one-of-a-kind offer throughout Europe.

Attitude and Implementation

We are… Facilitators of transformation. Innovative. Agile. Human. Integrative. Respectful. From the meta to the micro-level.
We create safe spaces for dialogues to occur and help to co-create the foundation for pending developmental processes: spaces for „Possibility Moments”, for open dialogue, creative processes, decision making, solving problems, the integration of perspectives, and culture-building rituals. Visually supported – and for that, we have „Visual Rockstars” in our team! What’s more, we have been around: We are embodied experience, are deployable and are networked globally.


Visualization is a method which emerged approx. 40 years ago on the US West Coast. So, it is a relatively young discipline, which originally arose primarily to support meetings, collaboration, to generate insights and facilitate group processes. Thus, visualization and graphic recording did historically not emerge from the illustrative or artistic fields. Rather, they are methods which have their roots in consultation, process facilitation and organizational development. We at The Visual Facilitators stay entirely true to this original attitude and intention of our field of activity. And in doing so, we very consciously give our clients a commitment to quality.

Process Consulting

Regardless of whether facilitation, change project or or large group work: All of these always are an interactive activity with the right people in the room, the creation of potential and solution spaces, as well as the hosting and encouragement of manifestation with a higher purpose. And: from the beginning, throughout the entire change process to the final implementation and action plan –  we skillfully weave elements of visualization as an essential component into any change facilitation.

Added Value

We highly value relational quality – with you, our clients, as well as internally within our team. We have a solid understanding of business. This allows us to once again apply our services to your advantage. And, this is as much true for our purely visual offers, as it is for our strategic and process facilitation services. What’s more: whether time-lapse video, prepress files, animation, etc. – also our sophisticated additional services will add to the sustainability of your investment.

Team Power

We are the largest team of visualizers, facilitators, organizational development experts, visual thinkers, and consultants – and the market leader for Graphic Recording in and beyond Germany. In addition, we undertake responsibility for our working field and educate not only process facilitators, but also illustrators, who would like to evolve into excellent visualizers. We have a European and global network. We have global experience, can work throughout the world, and are internationally networked – for events of every size, type and at any location.