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6 Simple Visual Steps: Your Year in Review 2020 - Your Powerful Vision 2021

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Year in Review: Start the new year quickly & visually conscious

6 einfache visuelle Schritte: Ihr Jahresrückblick 2020 - Ihre kraftvolle Vision 2021 - jahresreflektion neujahr vision ana tavares 598934 unsplash

Instead of letting the turn of the year rush us, we would like to give you something practical: For a conscious turn of the year - very simple, quick, visual and effective. We invite you to a short practice for between the years: Your year in review and vision for 2021!

The time between the years is an ideal window of time to consciously look back, as well as to let the intention for the coming year come up. Here is a simple method how you can easily support this through visualization:

1. take 30-60 minutes undisturbed time. Have two A4 or A3 sheets of paper and a pen ready.


Your review of the year 2020

2. what happened this year? Write "2020" on the sheet, then draw a timeline with months highlighted.

Review of the year 2020

Name some events from the past year 2020 that were significant and that were, for example, milestones, learning experiences and insights. Write and draw these. This does not have to be pretty, it is just for you and your reflection.

3. And think back on the past year with an attitude of gratitude. Write down the three to five most important points you are grateful about at the bottom of the page. Add small symbols or icons.

Year in Review 2020 Gratitude

Use it to close out the old year.

Now pick up the second sheet.


Looking ahead to the coming year 2021

4. now write a big "2021" in the middle of this sheet as a heading. Close your eyes and let rise what is your most important intention for the coming year. Write and draw this directly under the year. Surround this with a large circle.

Annual Vision Intention 2021

5. draw more circles around the central circle - name them "Professional", "Relationship", "Health", "Personal Growth" or similar. Write words there and draw in simple symbols of your vision for the year for each area. Decorate the sheet as you like.

Annual Vision 2021 visual

6. Let this "map" for 2021 work to align you with the year ahead. It's working!

Have fun!


A detailed version of a year in review and a year in vision can be found here: - accompanied by esteemed colleagues - experienced facilitators and visualizers!


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