Testimonials: What Our Customers Say

Visualization and Process Consulting

„The visualizations helped us tremendously to make complex and innovative concepts and strategies simple to understand. We used the visualizations with all levels of the company, e.g. in order to convince management of a particular vision or to share them via our Intranet. We continue to use the detailed, precise and accurate visuals – which we developed together – in order to maintain awareness of these issues and our progress.“
Head Corporate Digitization, Globales Big Data Corporation

„The visualization of presentations, talks and results of our workshop was fascinating and very clearly visualized. It contributed to making any followup communication easily understandable.“
Anja Stenger, Director Internal Communications & Change Management, Lufthansa Systems AG

„I have worked with Mathias Weitbrecht and have known his work for over a decade. His ability to translate abstract and complex topics into a clear message is remarkable. It becomes more and more important to be able to see the ‘Big Picture’ in a business world that is becoming ever fast-paced and more incomprehensible. Visual Facilitators gives organizations the overview, so that they can put the pieces of the puzzle together and be successful.“
James Kalbach, mural.co

„Visual Facilitators contributed to the sensational success of our 1st PepsiCo Digital Day and impressed our team. The resulting visual is fantastic and will help us to take the next steps. A bonus point is the option to have the visualization translated later into English. This option enables us to then share the work internationally. I would highly recommend working together with the Visual Facilitators team. Professional, friendly, very client-oriented, and with an outstanding end product. From this point on, the VF team will be on the PepsiCo ‘list’. Thank you!“
Pascale Hagin, Sr. Channel Manager eCommerce, PepsiCo.

„I wanted to share our thanks to you for a great workshop in Munich. Maren Collet, your support was highly appreciated during the workshop and you have a great talent to capture key activities/discussions that will ensure we remember our workshop for a long time. However, even more importantly, you connect very well with our whole team. Everyone I spoke to had a very good impression of you and felt that you were part of our team. We are a very international team with many strong characters but great to see you connect so well with everyone.“
Takeda, Manfred Reuters, CIO

„We worked together with Susanne Ferrari. Everything worked exceptionally well. Recently we had our town hall meeting where we introduced our strategy visually and we received a great response. In the beginning, we had no idea how such a visual concept would look in the end. Ms. Ferrari was able to perfectly place our thoughts and words into a ‘scene’. Thank you so much for everything!“
Jan Weber, Strategy und Operational Excellence, GlaxoSmithKline

„This is the second time that Malte von Tiesenhausen has been our guest and we were once again totally impressed by him and his professional competence and ability to ‘translate’ spoken word into a visual/picture. Above all, his ability to bring the key points of lectures to paper is fascinating. But, Malte is not just convincing through his abilities. His extremely pleasant and calm manner of being is also a blessing at an event. We would gladly work with him again.“
Sabine Demmel, Marketing Specialist & Event Management, Pioneer Investments Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH

„Despite the enormous challenges presented to Ms. Baumann – due to the very technical nature of our conversations – the visualizations were a success. A speaker at the event emphasized the importance of the Graphic Recording in this way: It not only served the purpose of helping him to remember, but he was also able to use the visual protocol to help him express his views about the conversations which had taken place. Even with a very technical topic, a Graphic Recording is worthwhile – in particular in the case of the interactive sessions! You will hear back from us again in the future.“ Dr. Francesca Moglia, DESY-APPEC Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron

“This is to complement Sebastian for his great work. We were amazed by his ability to capture the essence of the presentations, and this despite the abstract conference topic! We really like the result, which will form part of the conference report. In addition, it was a real pleasure working with Sebastian!
Program Coordinator of the German Red Cross
Organizers: Lebanese Red Cross, American University Beirut, German Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


„Many thanks again for the great work on the flu vaccine production materials (explainer video), they have been very well received by our members!“
Margarita Xydia-Charmanta, Manager, Vaccines Policy

Inhouse Training

„Der Workshop war super inspirierend und erfrischend. Mir hat auch die Transparenz der dargestellten Projekte super gefallen. Der Nebeneffekt der Teambildung darf natürlich auch nicht vergessen werden. Insgesamt einfach super in der Anwendung. Hoffentlich folgen weitere Workshops.vIch habe schon die ersten ‘Kunstwerke’ verfasst.:-)“
Teilnehmerin, Universitätsmedizin Rostock

Testimonials Open Trainings

„Eine Woche ist seit Ihrem Training vergangen und es hat bei mir eingeschlagen wie eine Bombe… Meine Tafelbilder werden täglich ansehnlicher und ich kann endlich weg von PowerPoint, Keynote und ähnlichen Konsorten. Analog ist das neue “Bio” 🙂 Tatsächlich: man muss sich nur trauen und natürlich vorher mit den Basics vertraut gemacht werden. Also: vielen lieben Dank für die inspirierenden Stunden. Herzlichst und dankbar!“
Jörg Upahl, Schule Rhena

„Thank you once again for a very important time! It was awesome for me to have the opportunity to stop, to feel, to watch, to see and to doodle of course ;)“
Anna Kędzierska, Gryzmografka, www.rysowienie.pl