Visualization Online Programs According to Your Needs

Today, a Visualization Training Counts as one of the Most Valuable Professional Developments

Innovative learning: the combination of online coaching with online course - personalized learning and mentoring with results!

Any normal online course can be challenging. Our unique didactic concept provides you with ideal support at every stage: You will get weekly interactive live calls, with a mentor in the special area of your course program. A to-the-point approach that gets you to your next breakthrough.

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Learn about mindset in order to be a successful visual practitioner. Become the next version of yourself as a successful visual professional.

What would your work life look like if you had cut through your main blind spots?

Includes weekly Q&A Coaching Calls!

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Combine online course modules with live coaching sessions

Do you know this, you want to learn something new but at some point it's over? Too little time, no motivation, you lose the thread and do not get further? This is your solution:, answering your questions and giving you regular boosts to keep your learning on track. You know: When the course is finished, the real questions come in your real life projects. Here, unlike in other (fully automated) courses, you are not left alone. If questions arise in your implementation: join the Q&A Coaching Call!

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Use visualization to give yourself and others a clear overview in mutual projects and meetings. Give structure to anything complex and create excellent  communication – visually.
Access plans also available for teams.

Even if you need to be highly flexible in your job and/or a home office situation, your online course can fit into your schedule. You always have everything at hand, can learn in your own pace - and ask your questions online.
Get going now!

There are 33 good reasons to learn visualization:

Through visualization you bring content, messages and topics visibly to the point and use images to engage with others quickly, interactively, holistically and sustainably. The ability to visualize makes you more capable of dialogue and contributes decisively to the quality and success of your respective project.
Even more: By using visualization, you more efficiently foster the potential of new insights, perspectives and ideas. And you and your organization will benefit from this.

Use our Online Programswhere you can learn in your own pace and at a location of your choice.

You've come to the right place: No matter whether you have already gained experience, are very advanced or do not yet know exactly where you stand with your visualization skills: With us you will always get the right training. Because we tailor our visualization workshops to your individual needs and adapt them exactly to your level of knowledge.

As individual as your level of knowledge is, so individual is your style. And that's exactly what we encourage. After all, we deliberately focus on style diversity instead of prescribing a specific visualization style for you. In addition, we show you what is tried and tested, simple and worth repeating.

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