Change Management

Those who want to change, must ask the right questions.
And get completely committed to them. This is how change is achieved by change consultants.

What is change management about? Is it about setting your focus on a goal and achieving it? Or is it about establishing conditions that enable us to create something completely new? Management consulting creates conditions that allow something to manifest itself. This requires the acceptance of all participants.
Who is at the core of the questions around change?
The management, the employees, the team, or me? Depending on these questions, a completely different approach to change is required. However, one thing is always true from our point of view: Whether people, organizations or systems – we believe that with the right questions it is possible to better shape personal change and to successfully implement change processes.
Looking deeply. Seeing far with the right change management consulting. Imagine an iceberg: Majestically large, it hides most of its ice mass under the surface. This is exactly what we implement in a project: By far the greater part under water. In change management, the focus is on change and the implementation of the human aspects. To communicate the need for change in today’s world with the right methods is the purpose of a good change management consulting company.
Why? A change project brings a lot of unpredictable, new and unclear issues along. We believe that a constructive commitment to the unknown, with the participation of all parties involved, is a way of doing things because it is active and not just reactive. No matter whether it is the restructuring of your business organization or the introduction of digitalization in your company.
Our approach is a consistent combination of change consulting and visualization. Our clients say again and again how meaningful this is for the important subsequent communication in the company or project. The transparency and transformation of all content in complex change processes is a solution in addition to the conventional change programs. The motivation and information of all participants and the consideration of their needs are topics that succeed with visual support and benefit the change.

How does visualization improve your change processes?

Unternehmenskultur sichtbar gemacht

The human being

is the centre of attention

Beyond the world of numbers and facts: Your focus in change management should be on people and groups. We work and pay attention during the change management approach to unfolding your power of manifestation and all innovation cycles that a change process entails.

Gemeinsam in der Umsetzung sein

Our overall perspective

is your advantage
We consistently combine change projects with facilitation, cultural change, organizational development and visualization expertise. This is your very personal, unique mechanism of action.
Wandel im Überblick

The system

considered as a whole

We see people, structures, processes and systems as belonging together. Therefore we need you, from the management level to the employee, from the appreciation of the existing in the organization to the sense of change to the new.

Veränderungswille und Verhaltensweisen integrieren

A lot of transparency and openness

result in your change

Together, we create a safe space for all employees to listen, ask questions, work in a participatory way, see more, and above all, to allow openness to the new.

Employees are the shapers of change

Mitarbeiter an der Umsetzung beteiligen
These days, tens of thousands of facilitators, consultants, change workers and future shapers around the world grow and work at full speed on behalf of change. Each of the numerous challenges has its own discourse, NGOs, conferences and programs.
Many of the experts who contribute have improved their skills. Supported by new technologies and new knowledge maps. In addition, a constant reference to change but also the exchange of this knowledge about change plays into our hands.
For you, we succeed in pointing out opportunities, potential and change through visualization. We combine this method with our facilitation expertise. For a successful change, the interaction of these two methods has to succeed.
Exactly for this successful interaction of different skills, disciplines and teams, you have come to the right address. The solution we practice is a multidisciplinary, integral approach.
Therefore we always develop together with you what it is all about. Together, we discuss how co-creative procedures work – we question, validate and communicate what we have found – and the competence of each individual change consultant results in the ideal transformation. Individuals are prepared for the upcoming changes and identify themselves in such a way that they are no longer affected, but involved. The visualization of the different change management steps picks people up where they stand and paves the way for them to embark on something new.
And you can be sure: By visually accompanying your main steps, the entire change process becomes a rich experience, from management, from the overview of the core team, to project management, internal communication and the participation of your stakeholders or employees. The decision for change management consulting and its implementation in your organization benefits from the right change management consultant and innovative tools. Change processes are only as good as they are implemented and lived by the involved management and teams.