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Home Office? Online Meetings mit Facilitation

Restrictions due to the virus?

Constantly improving technology has enabled companies to transfer more face-to-face meetings into the digital world. Remote Meetings changed our ground rules and a lot of people make this change possible.

These days, however, entire organizations need to develop new skills and capabilities in response to COVID-19 travel bans and tightened policies for working from home and practice virtual meetings. We support you with online meeting facilitation in this process and make sure that your team members have a good online meeting.

Online Meetings

Your employees work remotely from home and online meetings normally. You need efficient online meetings quickly. How can you use high-end facilitation and at the same time create an experience that is both productive for your project and appealing to the participants?

Collaboration is in a state of constant change. Online collaboration with remote team members on video conferencing software has always been necessary, is now increasing significantly for people. Dispersed teams can not only be as productive as groups in a joint location, they have to be.

Many years of experience in hosting and facilitation (both for our clients and for us, being a distributed team ourselves) enable us to host, facilitate and support online meetings perfectly.

Online Facilitation

We involve the participants from a distance in a different way. Just listening to a meeting or discussion is not enough to get everyone. We also work with open questions, hands-on exercises and visualization. As a special feature we can also use breakout groups. Video conferencing tools like Zoom, which we use, have an integrated breakout room feature.

For you as the principal of an online meeting, one aspect is particularly important: confidence in conducting remote online workshops/virtual meeting with your own team members or clients, even in different time zones.

For you as the principal of an online meeting, one aspect is particularly important: confidence in conducting remote online workshops/virtual meeting with your own team members or clients, even in different time zones.

The Appropriate Mindset

Effective collaboration from a distance requires a change in mindset. This requires practice and patience, during which we support you with our experience. With us you will not only get “hybrid meetings” where a group of people are together in one room and others are in other (distant) places. Instead, with our facilitation techniques we create real circles with a culture of communication and decision-making. We achieve this in online meetings by applying our “remote facilitation skills” and accompanying visualization.

5 Advantages For You

  • You don’t have to cancel meetings, just organize them differently

  • You get perfect preparation and post-processing

  • Virtual circle structure, like a real meeting

  • You have a virtual meeting rich in results

  • On request with visual protocol and recording

Get online meetings with a real-time visual protocol. These are digital graphic recordings. Remote meetings is what we do and where we have hundreds of best practices.

Online Zusammenarbeit und Involvement

COVID-19 (Corona virus) has made remote collaboration an overnight necessity for many companies. We have seen many of our own clients cancel workshops and limit travel, and organizations around the world are following suit. As a company that manages many meetings online as well as working with a dispersed team ourselves, Visual Facilitators has collected a number of best practices for effective online meetings. Talk to us now.

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