Strategic Visualization

Nicht wesentlich mehr. Nur mehr Wesentliches.​​

Strategic measures are often like icebergs: We see their peaks, yet under the surface there is ground unseen, the essential and unfamiliar of the respective measures. We assume that that which is under the surface is often more important than that which is visible. And we know that the right questions should be asked in order to be able to successfully implement a strategic measure:
Wir gluaben, dass das, was sich unter der Oberfläche befindet, oft wichtiger ist als das Sichtbare. Und wir wissen, dass die richtigen Fragen gestellt werden wollen, um eine Strategiemaßnahme erfolgreich umzusetzen: Was ist wirklich wichtig? Wie lassen Sie die relevanten Menschen sehen und erfahren, worum es wirklich geht?

Let's dive down and see what can be underneath the surface: Relationship levels, systemic structures, mental constructs, beliefs, metaphors and shadows too. Raw material for vision and desired future. Make the essence of your goals visible. Something complex that had been developed possibly over a period of weeks. Even more than that: it should encourage „a unified view“, „transparency“ and manifestation power. Be it on a leadership level or within the frame of an intervention that should reach every staff member.

We work closely together with you
in order to put this into strategic visualizations which will help you to
develop the respectively desired efficacy and potential for manifestationwithin your organization. Either directly at your meetings or from our studio. Doing this, version after version of the visual emerges, while we are in dialogue. In this way we are able to co-creatively come closer, with each step, to the essential.

Visualisierung Werte Vision Strategiebild

Supporting change with experience

Sucessfully implemented again and again: over the course of the years, we have completed hundreds of strategic visualizations for strategic work in organizations: both individual visuals, as well as complete series of visuals of more long-term strategic measures which we have facilitated. For example change processes, strategic maps or Target Visual or new concepts from a strategy to better communicate them, as well as a visual of a vision.

A perfect fit: We select the exact types of media and processes, which will most seamlessly connect to your already existing forms of media and modes of internal communication within your organization (Powerpoint, PDF, intranet, etc.)

Srategische Visualisierung

Individual and always fresh

Strategic visualization means: you will get simple or complex visuals, which are able to accurately portray your situation or parts of it. These images you can use, without hesitation and too much newness, in your existing workflows and corporate structures. That which is complex will be displayed in clarity, in contrast to the typical Powerpoint-style of compartmentally presenting something in a linear fashion.

Versatile and uncomplicated: Generally do such visualization work digitally on graphics tablets or a computer. In this manner, change requests and versions are easy and manageable. The data created are high resolution, printable files with the ability to be used for continued purposes. Examples of some of our most sought-after products are: Strategic maps, metaphors of project stepsinterdependency and interconnectedness charts, visual project plans, clipart and small infographics, as well as a large amount of various business charts, of course.

Visuals = added value

An excellent Combination: strategic visualization goes hand in hand with process facilitation and project management. We work closely together with your staff or put together teams of facilitators and visualizers in order to best support your processes. Strategic visualization can work individually or combined with our other services over the long term: from Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitationor large group work, even up to an Explanatory Videos. at the conclusion of a change project, for example.
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