Visual Facilitation

Change Processes Need Facilitation And Visualization

You perceive that today’s world makes people feel uncertain and clueless? Leaders, teams and projects stand before unprecedented challenges. We share the sentiments of this conclusion drawn by the internationally renowned Transformation and Systemic Researcher and Senior Lecturer at MIT Otto Scharmer: „The crisis of our time is not one of finances or the economy, but rather of consciousness – of our thinking and our view of the world.“

Contemporary Meeting Culture

Meeting Support: Done via Visual Facilitation

”Facilitation is the art of leading people through processes toward agreed-upon outcomes - in ways that elicit participation, ownership, and creativity from all involved.” [David Sibbet] The combination with visual thinking practices leads to highly valuable meetings and group processes.

Those who seek change nowadays need a process which is eased by facilitation and visualization. We do more than just believe that. We stand behind that statement with our name „Visual Facilitators“. What’s more: it fits with the „DNA“ of our company and team, ein entsprechendes Set an Methoden, Tools und Erfahrungen verinnerlicht zu haben. Ihre Herausforderungen werden in einem sicheren Raum (Hosting) einen Ort finden in dem Sie vom Reagieren zum Agieren kommen. Ihre Dialoge und Ergebnisse werden visuell als „Group Memory” verankert (Harvesting).
Leitbildentwicklung mittels Visualisierung

The combination of co-creative facilitation and interactive visualization accelerates processes and makes them more effective. So you are able to gain clarity and are in a position to make good decisions. In your business, in meetings, workshops, projects, and at events.

Prozessberatung-Methode für Kunden-Treffen

When was the last time you asked yourself how you could take a step forward? In order to encourage this we meaningfully and skillfully ask you activating questions. Why? Doesn’t a change step happen when the right question is asked within a prevailing paradigm – a question which can only be answered from outside of this paradigm? This is exactly what we use in our interactive work with groups. And in simultaneously “harvesting“ the results (visually, etc).

Beim Visual bzw. Graphic Facilitation handelt es sich um eine Facilitation-MethodeVisual or Graphic Facilitation is a facilitation method. Visual Facilitation allows us to work visually and interactively with a group. This means that we direct and lead the participants and document that which appears in space. All results, documented visually in real-time, then directly flow back into the group intelligence.

Visual Facilitation

This is how we create amazing moments of possibility: The right people are in the room. The right facilitator team is avaliable. The right questions are being asked. The value of a culture of dialogue is embraced. And this is embedded within the right support of logistics, a proper setting, and materials.

Visual Facilitation is ideal for every type of meeting, learning process, gathering of ideas, or other input of a group, for team building, for vision and strategy processes, for goals and mission statements, for scenario planning, in products & services, or R&D development, rapid prototyping, agile development, and much more in a change process.

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