EXPLAINAS – Hand-sketched Premium Explanatory Videos

When You Have Something To Say!

For the production of digital videos, we have developed the premium brand EXPLAINAS.

And we say premium as this brand stands for something very special. It has its own technique, combining three success factors for you:

  • a quicker, leaner workflow over the course of the production process,
  • maximum audience impact without any disturbing elements (like a hand holding a marker),
  • high-quality, illustrative representations in many styles.

The advantages are obvious: speed, and focus on content instead of technique or the back-and-forth of dealing with change requests. Also: each film is tailor-made for your intended purpose. By the way: we have been working for a long time for agencies, many industries, consulting firms, etc. So, you can trust us to have discretion and to hold high standards for your project.

We call it: Premium Explanatory Videos. Making hand-sketched films since 2011 – EXPLAINAS originated long before the big boom in explanatory videos. So, EXPLAINAS has had enough time to develop into what it is today: a premium brand, which delivers exactly the high quality that your high communication demands need.

That delivers: The modern world and its countless change and communication projects require visual tools. This how content ca quickly reach its audience. Naturally film, as a medium, plays a decisive role in this.

We illustrate and animate our EXPLAINAS films to perfectly fit your story, word for word. EXPLAINAS will help you to make complex correlations clear, introduce products, and enrapture an audience – and all the while, EXPLAINAS captivates your audience constantly through the interplay of story (professional voice-over) and moving pictures (hand-sketched images, perfectly suited to your message).

How an Explanatory Video is developed:

See yourself what a „Premium“ Explanatory Video is:

Find lots of further video examples on our EXPLAINAS Website.