Graphic Recording​

Those who see more make better decisions.

The graphic recorders of "The Visual Facilitators" create graphic recordings since 2005. Always according to the original origin and inner attitude of this method.
As one of the largest team of graphic recorders globally and with partners, we not only offer a unique delivery capability, but you also get an unparalleled variety of visual styles.
Year after year, we document the content of clients worldwide in hundreds of graphic recordings. Which makes us one of the market leaders.

Graphic Recording for Meetings

Specialized in meetings and online meetings

Graphic recording for team meetings or project, status, strategy meetings, etc. Online worldwide or on-site - for teams, management level, projects or internal processes. We are specialized in this and offer our customers Graphic Recording quality.

Graphic Recording Experience

Since 2005, we have made over ten thousand graphic recordings. We have experienced hundreds of different settings of meetings, events or conferences and brought them into our ongoing learning. So that our graphic recorder team carries a wealth of lived experience.

Types of Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording was invented in the late 1970s for meetings and group dialogues. Over time, GR was used for conferences, lectures, events of all kinds ... - which we have also documented thousands of times since 2005. Today, we specialize in graphic recording for (online) meetings.

The Largest Graphic Recorder Team

Graphic Recording quality assured!
Our quality badge shows the distinction of the team member's qualification in the respective area. Visual Facilitators gives you, the client, a promise of quality through trained team membersThe training is regularly updated to current changes in market and customers.

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Digitales Graphic Recording
Graphic Recording: Since year one, a process-oriented and supportive method.

Graphic Recording originated as a method approximately 40 years ago. Thus, it is a relatively young discipline which can be categorized under the larger context of “Visualization” (and not under an illustrative or artistic domain). What does this mean? In the case of Graphic Recording, the primary focus is to support meetings, generate insight, and encourage collaboration and group processes.

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What is your benefit from graphic recording?

All people in the (online) room see and experience the visual documentation of the content live and can interact with it.

  • The in-the-moment benefit: This very connectedness helps your meeting participants gain insights and make better decisions. Graphic recording works on a large mural or online.
  • The benefit after the meeting: We visualize for you live in real time, thereby producing visual minutes to your event – exact and ready on the spot at its conclusion. By doing so we produce a document which can continue to be used by participants and the public.
Graphic Recording

Engaged: Our Graphic Recorders don’t just support your moderator, event manager or facilitator silently, but cooperatively. To this end, they document everything not just in words and pictures, but also tie the various topics and content together. And this all takes place in real time. In this manner, various perspectives can be made visible.

Straightforward: All visualizations take place and emerge discreetly. Therefore, you don’t need to make any changes in the planning of your event. Make use of Visual Facilitation to work in a participatory and interactive way with your group.

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Effective: When you actively use the visual materials after the event, you encourage two-fold: „a unified view“ and „transparency“. Good for all participants.
In addition, you strengthen internal and external communication. The result: lasting effects, extending far beyond your event.

Multifaceted: Our visualizers distinguish themselves from others in that they listen well, can process large amounts of information, are creative, recognize patterns, construct perspectives, and take meta-views. What’s more: they have solid academic business knowledge, a sound general education and are able to integrate visualizations into existing processes.

You've got 5 quotes and prices go from cheapest to premium?
Understandable. We know why graphic recording prices vary so much. Talk to us and we'll briefly explain why - and what you should look for when choosing a good graphic recorder.
Is graphic recording available for online meetings and events?

Yes, of course. In fact, that's what we do most. Graphic recording is great for memorable online meetings and productive meetings - participants can be engaged interactively also online.

Do you need more overview? Then you have come to the right place.

You speak, we document: strategies, brainstorming sessions, prototyping, vision processes, meetings – visually and live.
Well-thought-out additional services will contribute post-session to the sustainability of your investment.

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