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Those who see more, make better decisions.


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Graphic Recording: Since year one, a process-oriented and supportive method.
Do you believe that those who can see more are better able to solve a problem? Do you perceive that we are currently living in a completely different world: challenging, volatile, extremely unpredictable, and rapidly changing? Do you strongly believe that those who network their „Big Picture“ with facts, people and consciousness have more success in this new world? We do.

But how can you manage to see more?
It’s quite simple: through Graphic Recording. As Graphic Recorders, we capture your ideas and content visually – as you speak. Everyone in the room sees and experiences this live visualization and can be a part of it. It is exactly this connectedness that allows them to see more, to gain insights and finally to be able to make decisions. We are happy to help you see more – on a large-scale, hand-sketched visual or digitally. And regardless of whether it is a meeting or conference: We visualize for you live in real time, thereby producing visual minutes to your event – exact and ready on the spot at its conclusion. By doing so we produced a document which can continue to be used by participants and the public. It is very much as Kelvy Bird says: “To make positive choices, we must first open our eyes and see”.

Graphic Recording originated as a method approximately 40 years ago. Thus, it is a relatively young discipline which can be categorized under the larger context of “Visualization” (and not under an illustrative or artistic domain). What does this mean? In the case of Graphic Recording, the primary focus is to support meetings, generate insight, and encourage collaboration and group processes.

We at Visual Facilitators fully stand behind this origin, attitude and intention of Graphic Recording.
As the largest team of Graphic Recorders in Germany, we offer our clients not just an unrivalled diversity of styles, but also a one-of-a-kind, international offering for Graphic Recording. Year after year we complete several hundred Graphic Recording projects. This makes us the market leader far beyond the Germany-speaking countries. Still, that is by far not everything: We actively train both facilitators and illustrators, who would like to become quality Graphic Recorders. Since 2005, we have been documenting events of all kinds and sizes and at many locations all around the world. Regardless of which industry you come from, you will always receive the visualizer who best suits your event: based on your needs and with the right experience. But, above all else, with the concrete motivation to contribute to your success.

Do you need more overview? Then you have come to the right place.

You speak, we document: strategies, brainstorming sessions, prototyping, vision processes, meetings – visually and live. Well-thought-out additional services like time-lapse video, printed documents, animations, etc. will contribute post-session to the sustainability of your investment.

Engaged: Our Graphic Recorders don’t just support your moderator, event manager or facilitator silently, but cooperatively. To this end, they document everything not just in words and pictures, but also tie the various topics and content together. And this all takes place in real time. In this manner, various perspectives can be made visible. For all stakeholders, in fact.

Straightforward: All visualizations take place and emerge discreetly. Therefore, you don’t need to make any changes in the planning of your event.

Effective: When you actively use the visual materials after the event, you encourage two-fold: „a unified view“ and „transparency“. Good for all participants. In addition, you strengthen internal and external communication. The result: lasting effects, extending far beyond your event.

Multifaceted: Our visualizers distinguish themselves from others in that they listen well, can process large amounts of information, are creative, recognize patterns, construct perspectives, and take meta-views. What’s more: they have solid academic business knowledge, a sound general education and are able to integrate visualizations into existing processes. Long-term thinking for us is obvious, but can it go just a bit more beyond?

Types of Graphic Recording:

More meaning, more depth, more value.
What does your meeting, your group really need? An increase in participant interaction? More sustainability after the meetings? A more intense togetherness and more „we“? Graphic Recording offers you an abundance of interactive and co-creative possibilities. As visualizations go far beyond words, numbers, data, facts and metaphors. That which is indiscernible is made clear and can be shared and conveyed. In this manner, visualizations create meaning and depth and integrate the unknown.
And with this, create more value.
Tailor-made for your conferences and events.
Conferences often have countless speakers, thematic threads and visitor needs. In this case, you need a less interactive Graphic Recording than with meetings. Value arises: when your information is interconnected, rather than – like Powerpoint – arranged one after another in a linear manner. Value arises: when you, as the one responsible for the conference, receive a document summarizing the event. And value arises once again: when your participants directly receive the visualizations both during the conference as well as directly after the event as their documentation. Just exactly as you would like it!
New technology, very simple.
Whether online meetings, webinars, or online courses: we have developed new, one-of-a-kind technology, which documents your event live. A solid internet connection on both ends is sufficient to make it happen. Digital Graphic Recordings are produced concurrently, which you can make available to all participants shortly after the live event. All that we need after a pre-event-briefing is online access. Just as any participant of your event would need.
Be there live – wherever you are in the world. Visualized in real time.
More and more teams and conferences are using web and conference tools via the Internet, as these tools save both on time and travel expenses. To the extent that meetings are becoming „virtualized“, the need for methods of optimal collaboration increases. In this context, visualization also helps to maintain a high level of participant engagement – for this reason, we also offer Graphic Recording for location-independent occasions, such as web and telco events. We simply participate in the event live via telephone, video or Internet. During the respective event, our visualizers can „record“ either just silently, or can bring in a live picture of their digitally-produced Graphic Recording (in coordination with the facilitator). Location independent occasions, such as web and teleconference events, absolutely require preplanning before the event with your facilitator/moderator. At the conclusion of the event, you will receive the visual immediately in digital format.

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