Process Visualization

How do Processes and Knowledge Profit from Visual Display?

Example of a corporate process visualization

What and how are things connected? Which steps follow each other and when, how and why? And how can one be sure that all participants will truly stick with it? Especially in the case of projects and measures of change, participants or project members will often step out. At least after a certain size or length of project. In these cases, it often helps to have visually depicted processes and knowledge. Just because the visual display reconnects the participants to the respective intention or content.

Starting with the larger, overlaying context, we present your process or flow pictorially within a context. For this purpose, we use visual tools such as timelines, symbolism, story-telling, or metaphors. As a result, we don’t just communicate numbers, data, and facts in a visual manner. In fact, it is always our intention to create emergence, experience and insight. Can processes and knowledge profit even more from visual representation? We think so.

Beispiel einer strategischen Prozessvisualisierung

In the mood for more examples? Take a look in our gallery.

Beispiel einer technischen Prozessvisualisierung

Whether supply chains, project plans, shopfloor management or change processes: Visualization helps. Always fresh.

An example of a flow chart, with value added visually to make it a usable template. That works.

Figures, data, facts and connections made visible. Change is happening.

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