Target Visuals and Learning and Change Maps

Point out the big picture. And, encourage change through insights and perspectives.

The best prospects: Learning and Change Maps are not only powerful top-down methods of communication that allow you to communicate company-wide strategies. They can also give you the chance, depending on your needs, to initiate strong impulses for change and transformation in your organization.

But let’s first look at the qualities of this medium, which sets it apart: Learning and Change Maps offer many advantages in the conveyance of complex content in contrast to classic mediums such as Powerpoint, or text-heavy brochures. And, while Powerpoint presentations run linear – or rather, slide by slide – Learning and Change Maps show the overview – or rather, the „big picture“. In this manner, connections are more quickly recognizeable. And relevant information is being conveyed to the viewer in a very engaging and clear way.

Learning and Change Maps offer much more than just that. They activate, inspire contemplation, and above all else: they encourage dialogue. That’s exactly what then encourages an engaging exchange between participants in return. For this reason, we recommend the use of Learning and Change Maps particularly for the times when you are giving orientation, imparting knowledge, or would like to make correlations clear. Just from a few examples, you can see the multitude of ways in which Learning and Change Maps can be implemented: this visualization tool can…

  • explain why changes are needed in an organization,
  • help to communicate the vision of a company,
  • show how processes in manufacturing or sales function,
  • and much more.

You will see: With Learning and Change Maps you put your audience in the position of being able to understand the necessity of a change intervention and to be able to internalize this. Only through such identification your target group can become drivers of change.

A second glance counts here. And each one thereafter.

Interne Themen im Unternehmen sichtbar gemacht

And how do we reach the best possible result with such a Learning and Change Map – sometimes also called an Insight or Dialogue Chart?

Strategische Entwicklung durch ein Zielbild veranschaulicht

Sucess is what succeeds: Well, first of all we desire to understand the „why“. As a next step, together with you, we start a co-creative approach. This means that we make things clear – what the purpose is and what should be visualized.

And something else: The most important factors to success include the definition and planning of accompanying workshops, usage manuals, and the corporate roll out of the visual. If so desired, we can work together with your facilitator or we can create a team of facilitators and visualizers for you. Generally the visualizations are created on graphic tablets which are connected to a computer. As such, we can very easily address change requests together and create different versions.

Well planned and perfectly implemented: Learning and Change Maps require careful preparation. And what’s more, a strategy for a implementation of the final product, which will encourage dialogue. All onward communication generally differentiates itself from the established modes of communication. We produce each „product“ in close communication with several levels of a client organization in order to ensure that this is achieved. And if management is involved, which we heartily encourage, then we can be most successful.

Ziel Bild - Eine Basis für Mitarbeiter oder Kunden

All’s well that ends well: Upon completion, your Learning and Change Maps are a tailor-made „originals“. As we create them individually for your company. And the best part: you can train thousands of employees with them. This works through the visual approach which is as easy as it is fast – and can even reach out globally across languages and cultures.

Whatever you have in mind: You can show what you would like to say with Learning and Change Maps. And if you yourself would like to take the pencil in your hand, then we will gladly support you during a live visualization session. Thus a Dialogue Chart can emerge in real time which you can then present to your organization.

Discover the wide-ranging possibilities of Learning and Change Maps. We would be glad to advise you in more detail in a personal discussion.