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Putting your vision, strategy, collaboration into action

Does this sound familiar?

An organization associates "digital transformation" with purely tech issues. And practical implementation on the job often fails due to very 'analogÄ issues, without which digitization cannot become a success:
First and foremost, the willingness to change around culture issues. This is a significant factor that we address in order to make cultural change and strategy more successful. Visualization helps celebrate real holistic success. Whether it's digital transformation or anything else.

What moves people

„State-of-the-art“ Spectrum of Topics

Reach staff or customers. Make goals or potential visible. Reduce overwhelm. Make meetings and online collaboration purposeful. Our clients engage us in these application areas for one main reason: Making clarity become visible..

Corporate Culture

Do you know the crucial point in a corporate culture transformation? Often it's a matter of getting people involved - especially when creating or rolling out vision, values or mission statements. Here your visualization can be the success factor.


Whoever wants to change, has to ask the right questions. How do you do that? Imagine an iceberg: Majestically large, it hides most of its ice mass beneath the surface. In your project, we integrate exactly that: The far larger part under water. And we also show it, by consistently linking change consulting with visualization.

Strategy & Leadership

You need a clear picture of where you want to go. And you need a clear strategy to align your teams to achieve that goal. We help you make your vision and strategy clear by visualize them so that all your staff and stakeholders can see them. And that they align with them, and move forward together.

Project Control

Imagine your project plan or your supply chain as big picture, including interconnections, dependencies and influencing factors. The frequent phenomenon that parts of a team loses overview in the course of a project is reduced by using visualization.

New Work

Exemplary areas of client work include: Purpose-finding in leadership, capacity building for change, culture change through new ways of working, decision-making and collaboration skills, meeting formats in the current home office, self-organized forms of work, virtual collaboration and user-oriented IT design, leadership concepts and systems in the digital transformation, work-life balance as a buzzword in new work.

Product & Marketing

You have something to give, something to develop or market and don't know how to reach your leads? Your customer journey visualization, or highlighting benefits and features, bringing customers up to date, convincing them and bringing about purchasing decision - that's what visualization can do.


Whether it's a pitch or a traditional presentation, online or on-site: When you roll out your Big Picture - you won.

Meeting & Event

As event organizer or meeting host, you are responsible for designing and managing goal-oriented, successful events. Working with moderators and visual recorders is your daily business. But what if, during your event, leaps of consciousness or even unexpected solutions emerged regularly?

E-Learning & Online Courses

How do you ensure that your e-learning or online course is effective? And that complex topics are conveyed in understandably - combined with enjoyment and motivation? In this area of application, our customers swear on explanatory films, overview and process visuals.

Lecture & Training

Saving time. Getting things across better. That are the core challenge in this application area. Communicate knowledge visually so that everyone is on board, on the same page!

Websites & Social Media

We love high-end online marketing. And we like to go even one step further in the ever-changing digital world. Project visuals and explainer videos in skilfully launched campaigns reach a large audience and convince with crystal-clear visuals.


and your project?

Do you have a great set of values, a robust mission statement, or a radiant vision - but you are not reaching your staff or customers? Put Visualization at work and people will see, feel and understand. 
Quality Mindset
Attitude and View

We are… Facilitators of transformation. Innovative. Agile. Human. Integrative. Respectful. From the meta to the micro level.

Vertrauen in Co-Creation

For us, co-creation is taking action collaboratively based on a higher level of consciousness. Its purpose is to network projects, disciplines and action together in such a way that solutions arise on a higher order.

Prozessberatung Visual Facilitators
Process Consulting

Interactive work with the right people in the (online) room, the creation of potential and solution spaces, is important to us. Including a skilful weaving of elements of visualization into any facilitation.

Reaching People

Complex topics simply explained

An example in animated form - an explanatory video

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