About Visual Facilitators

Untapped Solutions For A New World: Sensing. Facilitating. Transforming.

Gestalter des Wandels

We live in a world of constant change. With an increasing pace. That is why we believe that the people and organizations that uncover „the hidden obvious“ are the ones, that thrive in this new world. If they co-create new, sophisticated solutions.

In order to do that, we offer to our clients services, tools and visuals that enable them to successfully transform their business. Because we would love to contribute in a meaningful way that our clients are successful in this new world.


„We love what we do!“

Change is complex. It is not graspable mentally and using words. And still we wish meaningful change that lasts: Vision and values that are being lived, and that involve people with heart, mind and creativity.

For most people values, strategies, vision or new processes are very abstract. They come to life when facilitated through a participatory process and when in visualized in color, form and stories: They start to work on mind, heart and soul. They start to become tangible, sense-able and are fun. And the future can be experienced before it happens.

This is complex, touching – sustainable. It is the highest art. It is what we should make use of when addressing the challenges ahead of us personally, in our organization and society. This is what we stand for.

Since 2005 we have delivered thousands of projects, and continue to do so with hundreds each year. We have worked with many facilitators and been in service to events of all sizes. We are an experienced team. Active in an internationalnetwork. We are co-creators of much needed change and for the future. And we facilitate solutions for a complex, new world.

Attention to detail: An attitude that characterizes us and that makes a difference for our clients. Just because we pay attention to every detail. From booking to post-project debriefing.

Get to know what clients say that we are related to in a long-term, deep, and value-creating connection.

Interconnected in Co-Creation

Lively Co-creation – also between the organizations Visual Facilitators GmbH with Mathias Weitbrecht & team. For us, that’s not empty words, but embodied  daily routine – with our clients and internally as business partners.

We are aware that we as Visual Facilitators reside in a creative co-existence with many further colleagues, networks, ideas, knowlegdge and processes that all represent a continuum. This makes us very grateful! That is why we strive to share and expand our context of knowledge, experience and questions we cannot answer ourselves. So that we, in the spirit of that continuum, let emerge added value, learning, collaboration, joy, excellence and trust among us and for our clients.

EVP: European Association of Visual Practitioners

IFVP: International Forum of Visual Practictioners

GLEN: Member Global Learning & Exchange Network

Member International Association of Facilitators: Statement of Values and Code of Ethics

  • The Grove Visual Consultants

  • Synnecta

  • edutrainment company

  • Mobius Executive Leadership (Link)

  • Euroforum

  • TEDx München, Berlin, Hamburg, FFM etc.

  • CoCreativFlow Sabine Soeder (Link)

  • Karolina Iwa

  • Neuland Toolmaster (Link)

  • Co-Creation Foundation (Link)

  • Co-Creating Europe (Link)


We consider ourselves as process architects and think in a strategic way. From initial concept and design of a process / event, to harvesting, results finding and implementation. As architects we love to build. Concrete, tangible, and for alive results.