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Mathias Weitbrecht - Autor "Co-Create" Buch


Malte von Tiesenhausen - Autor Ad Hoc Visualisieren


Publikationen von Visual Facilitators - Mathias Weitbrecht - Co-Create! Das Visualisierung-Buch

Co-Create! - Das Visualisiserungs-Buch

Mathias Weitbrecht
How can visualization be applied to connect simple to complex content? Which methods can it work hand in hand with? What should clients, executives, and facilitators know about each other in order to successfully master projects and events? What makes a team of visualizers, facilitators, trainers, moderators and change consultants into a team of co-creation? Read more in this leading specialist book on visualization!

This publication is in German language.

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Wiley Publ., ISBN 3-527-50780-9
€ 29,99

Selected Reviews:
Sandra Dirks Blog
Arbeiten im Sekretariat

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Publikationen von Visual Facilitators - Malte von Tiesenhausen - Ad Hoc Visualisieren

Ad Hoc Visualisieren

Malte von Tiesenhausen
Would you like to more easily and clearly communicate your ideas? Would you like to access the full potential of all participants while working on solutions to problems? Or, would you like to convey content in lectures and presentations in such a way that your listeners won’t shy away from the flood of information through mental absentness? Then this book is the solution…

This book is in German language (but bought a lot by non-natives due to the heavy visual, hand-drawn nature of the book).

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Business Village Publ., ISBN 9783869802985
€ 24,80

Selected reviews:
Sandra Dirks
Gesa Füßle

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Graphic Recording – Live Illustration for Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

This is an illustrated book which presents the diversity and high quality of selected Graphic Recording visualizations. Though it is not possible for this book to make you a visualizer yourself just by reading it, it is still able to show you the breadth of styles, approaches, and stories of origin of visual live documentations like no other. Countless Graphic Recorders (including contributions from our Graphic Recording Team) give a glimpse into their tool kits and ways of working, alongside of co-editor and expert Anna Lena Schiller, who gives a short introduction into the topic of visualization. Wonderful!

Gestalten Publ., 9783899556568 (English edition) respectively ISBN 9783899556926 (German edition)
€ 39,90

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