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Your Clarity Is Our Goal.

Visual Facilitators helps organizations and decision makers get to the heart of their goals, visions, values and strategies:
  • in order to reach people
  • Improve corporate culture
  • Facilitate change
  • Design online collaboration
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Vision, mission statement, values or your strategy - we reaveal them in such simple way that you reach people.

You are in some kind of digitalization? We visualize it for you in a way that your employees and customers really understand.

If you really want to make a difference, let others see it!

Visibility inspires your goals: Visual harvesting and moderation, as agile and self-organized as possible, plus visualization tools increase your processes interactively. In business, in meetings, workshops, projects and at events.

And this is what you get

Benefits that our customers name

Complex topics explained simply

Become a communication accelerator.
How does that work?

Reaching People

Promote healthy corporate culture.
Strategy, vision, mission statements visualized...

Gain clarity

Help employees and customers see what you mean.
Interested in that!

Design online collaboration

Navigate effectively in challenging times.
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Trusted partner

Visual Facilitators GmbH

Are you challenged when it comes to corporate culture, strategy and vision? We visualize everything that needs to be explained so that you and your employees make better decisions and use communication more effectively.
Das bekommen Sie:

Visual Facilitators consists of a team of >35 visual strategists, facilitators and graphic recorders. For our clients we visualize purposeful B2B solutions for strategy, vision, corporate culture and meetings. Working with us starts with your desired future state and then focuses on implementation. You can work with us worldwide, both online and in person.

Succes Stories

What Clients Say

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Proven services for current challenges

Case Studies: Solutions for your goals


The client: Consulting company
The goal: Reaching people in client companies.
The solution: Ein Gesamtbild der Mission, Werte und Kulturaspekte werden so dargestellt, dass in den Menschen Identifikation entsteht …
Weiterlesen …


The client: Industry SME
The goal: Convince stakeholders, implement a major global project.
The solution: Ein in mehreren Stufen partizipativ entwickeltes Visual, das Identifikation schafft …
Mehr erfahren…

Top Online Meeting

The client: Medium-sized company
The goal:
Integrate all stakeholders and create a shared overview.
The solution: Ein Graphic Recording öffnet einen Raum in dem die Inhalte passend in Präsenz und Interaktion gebracht werden. Dies führt zu aktiveren Teilnehmenden und besseren Entscheidungen …

Finding the best path together

People love clarity. 3 steps for this:

Kulturthemen, Projekte, Produkte, Dienstleistungen sind oft komplex und nicht leicht zu erklären. Visualisierung unterstützt Sie darin, so klar zu kommunizieren, wie Ihr Business es verlangt: Ihre Kunden und Mitarbeiter verlieren bei Verwirrung Vertrauen.
Wir zeigen Ihnen wie Sie Klarheit schaffen.

Step 1:

Your initial call and your goal: You have an initial strategy meeting with us free of charge. Among other things, we get to know your goal.

Step 2:

Your expert advice and a solution: This is where we develop a suggestion for a solution to your challenge. And start the path to your visual result.

Step 3:

Your implementation and clarity: You start using your visualization and observe or measure how it helps you achieve your goals.

magic moments

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Our Founder

Mathias Weitbrecht

Mathias Weitbrecht is a European pioneer in the fields of strategy visualization, process facilitation and graphic recording. Since 2005 he has been developing products, business models and team solutions for this purpose. He is the founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH. His book "Co-Create! Das Visualisierungs-Buch" has been published by Wiley Publ. He is most pleased when customers put their visualization into active use and thereby achieve goals. Yours too?
  • Communication accelerator
  • Sensemaking Alchemist
  • Organizational Enabler
  • Trusted Partner

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