Björn Pertoft - Team Visual Facilitators

Björn Pertoft: What is important to me in my work as a visualizer is above all to capture and structure the contents and processes in the given situation. I have been doing this actively for several years in the field of Graphic Recording and in producing Explanatory Videos.My more than 25 years of experience as an illustrator and animator are of great benefit to me. For our customers, visualizations are most successful when I succeed in incorporating the images into the customer’s process and thus give those present a new and different perception of their processes. Furthermore I profit from my pedagogical training and experience. At the TU Darmstadt I coordinated different seminars with the working world and thus connected the academic world with the working world. I use this in our visualization trainings..

Examples below: We are not able to show a majority of our work for confidentiality reasons. When we have permission to show something, then we often do not show the entire visual, but details. See as well our gallery. We appreciate your understanding.


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