Oliver Wünsch - Team Visual Facilitators

Moving images have fascinated me ever since I was little. That’s why I have been visualizing and animating professionally for advertising, TV and film for decades. I create premium explanatory videos premium explainer vides and explanatory animations as well as strategy visualizationsof all kinds at Visual Facilitators and I am also active in projects involving Gamification and Serious Games. I am open to unusual or experimental challenges! Stylistically I have a broad repertoire and can be helpful at your side through my diverse experience in product design, advertising and the entertainment industry as well as through my many interests including conceptual work.

I consistently acquaint myself with new forms of media production and have a solid understanding of technology. What’s more I have many years of experience in programming with multimedia applications and the production of 3D content. In addition, I have an accredited vocational training from the United States in the fields of Mental Training and Coaching. My personal projects involve me designing computer games and virtual reality experiences and I have been involved with neural networks and artificial intelligence for the last two years with the purpose of creating more interesting adventures and experiences in the future.

Examples below: We are not able to show a majority of our work for confidentiality reasons. When we have permission to show something, then we often do not show the entire visual, but details. See as well our gallery. We appreciate your understanding.

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