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The Visual Facilitators

Susanne Ferrari – Team Visual Facilitators

Graphic Recording, Strategic Visualization, Training

Really, that’s my name – this is the answer I often give when people they ask me what my name is. Of course, speed plays an important role in that which I do, but even more important are creativity and inspiration as they come together for my work. This has been the case in my family for over seven generations. We really don’t have much to do with red cars, but we do have a strong connection to the language and power of images.

This passion I share not only with our clients, but also with my colleagues in the frame of co-creation or with people who may think that they are totally without talent, but through the trainings that I give them are shown how quickly one can gain access to visualization, just through finding the joy again that one had when one would grab some markers as a child and just draw like crazy. Everyone has had that experience as a child.

Den größten Teil unserer Arbeit zeigen wir aus Vertraulichkeitsgründen nicht. Wenn wir etwas zeigen können, dann sind dies hier und in unserer Galerie oft Ausschnitte / Details statt ganze Bilder. Wir bitten um Verständnis.