Process Consulting

More than the Sum of its Parts: Change Needs Perspectives, which Embrace Seeing the Whole.

New Work Arbeitsstrukturen angepasst an heutige Anforderungen

Does this sound familiar? Your organization has become more complex. Adaptive factors (such as people and processes) are colliding with inflexible structures (such as rules, hierarchies, cultures). And this in a rapidly changing world.

… or does this describe your situation: your change project is not meeting with success. And apparently you can’t figure out why not. At least not from your current perspectives, which you take from facts and figures.

Visual Facilitators opens new perspectives to you. And we support you in the increasing complexity and the growing learnings tasks of your organization. Doing this, we address your individual challenges from a basic attitude: everything is connected to everything, and adds up to more than its sum. For this reason, no problem can be solved on its own.

It is precisely from this approach that we perceive, observe and intervene.

The consistent connection of process facilitation and visualization is what sets us apart. Through this approach we are able to orchestrate our perception and methods in such a way that a suitable „solution space“ can be created for your company.

Open to a new culture of learning: our contribution also sets itself apart in that, together with our clients, we walk a mutual path. Along a path that challenges them. A path in which they themselves can recognize and fully develop their organizational knowledge, their ability to learn and their multifaceted potential, and fully unfold it.

Stabilizing, working towards „the new“, without any gaps to the system. Together with you, we tackle that area where your transformation and integration strength are at their greatest and most effective.

This approach includes the unseen, unconscious, new.  And, will take you as far as you’d like to go.

Hosting: ”being a host” in a successful manner, leading, working together. Whether for a large group or change project: our routine and experience with large numbers of participants come directly from practical experience.

Harvesting: we consistently complement leadership and the interactive work with the group through a „harvesting“ of the results (visual results and others). The resulting findings and visualizations directly flow back into the group intelligence.

In commerce we only sometimes still sail to familiar shores, and then only for a short period. The departure to unfamiliar shores is increasingly becoming the norm.“
Prof. Peter Kruse, 2009

Prozessberatung-Methode für Kunden-Treffen

Experience and Methods:

Purpose ist fester Bestandteil im New Work Zeitalter

Sources and Background:

Praktiker der Organisationsentwicklung, Prozessbegleitung, Systemtheorie und Visualisierung:

  • Diane Hamilton (Integral Facilitator)
  • Ken Wilber
  • David Sibbet / Strategic Visioning
  • Otto Scharmer / Theory U
  • Transparent Communication
  • Meshworking (The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence

Examples of organizational challenges, which we were requested to work on:

  • Development of a mission statement and visualization for a globally active chemical company.
  • Strategic project for an airline operating globally.
  • Visually-facilitated strategy development (worldwide!) for a global medical device company.
  • Team development and leadership process for a non-profit company for standards of business communication throughout Europe.
  • Restructuring of a business unit  within a leading insurance company.