Successful Navigation. And Implementation. Using Visuals.


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Visual practitioners are currently in high demand. At innovative companies, in corporations, and at leading events. And since we are in such high demand, the chance is also great that in the future you will work closely with a transformative process design and in a team that thinks and sees more comprehensively, in collaboration.

Self-understanding : As visualizers we see ourselves as interactive creators of perspectives, viewpoints and attitudes. All of these aspects are to be integrated – in order to open up to solutions on a higher, more appropriate level. This is the way that we perceive ourselves and we see this as one of our contributions to this world.

Leading: we at Visual Facilitators have been amongst the pioneers in this field of work – since 2005. Respectively, we feel that responsibility, professionalism and a high standard of quality are a matter of course.

Even if at first glance it looks like we are working with just paper and markers: we are not primarily paid for sketching and drawing. Visualization is its own discipline (and has been, since the 70s) and we call our activity „Visualization“, not drawing. Our core service consists of presenting your content skillfully and in a clear manner. Whether events, concepts, processes or strategies: we get to heart of matters, identify the essential, reduce complexity and create clarity in the process.

We make things concrete from the abstract and „pour“ it into pictures, in order to illustrate what it is. And to fill it with life. Only in this way is it possible to sustainably convey complex correlations. For us, any activity of sketching serves this purpose as a means, but is never the end goal. For us, it is always about your processes and objectives, which we support.

The Primary Focus is not the Act of Sketching itself.
Rather, it is About Making Deeper Issues Visible

Arten von Visualisierungen

Are you planning meetings, conferences or workshops? Should content and processes be recorded in text and images at the same time? Digital or analogue? Visible on large wall-sized charts in the room ? Would you like to have the main points be communicable and tangible? And if possible, also all around the world? And throughout all departments? In this case, Graphic Recording is your best solution.

Would you like to visualize the main points of a project, a change process, a vision, or a strategy? We will gladly put together Strategic Visualizations with you. With this powerful medium, you can bring together messages, information and knowledge into a collective „Big Picture“. Strategic visualizations are very convincing and work as a very sustainable tool. Regardless of whether you will communicate internally across all levels or communicate matters to the outside, kick-off implementation and would like to facilitate them over a longer period of time: strategic visualization is your tool of choice, be it as a static or moving image (explanatory videos).

New chances: Some kinds of visualization such as Process and Knowledge Visualization are ideal for so-called „wicked problems“. In the case of issues such as these, normal solution processes threaten to fall apart – or often they will fail. „Wicked problems“ are often about social, political and global challenges.

See below the surface: Visual Facilitators are often like polar explorers in the Arctic Ocean: we make as much as possible visible of the iceberg – unveiling that which lies below the surface of the water. And thereby enable a better path forward. Likewise, we allow for the not-known and consciously include it. Then we are able to include everything – that which is visible and that which is not visible.

Only then do we ask complexity to dance.
Only then we break new ground.
That’s what we invite for.